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Link to Video

Follow this link to the video.

A rather link filled, topic filled VBB. Not many direct coding examples but lots of great information.

Silverlight and Dynamic Languages(8:04)

JB shared a little about an idea for a web site to allow developers to share katas and coding practices by creating code for a particular language that is stored as part of their profile on the site and be able to tweet an announcement about it.  He is looking at using Silverlight and Dynamic languages for this and shared this link for information about how one might go about it.

LINQ Examples(10:00)

JB shared how to use Sum, Select Many, and Aggregate. The code was put into his learning csharp project in my learning solution on GitHub.

JB plans on writing a couple of blog posts on these LINQ items so stay tuned if you want more LINQ goodness.

Wizards of Smart Podcast – Episode 5

More rails talk on this episode. But JB shared the link with the VBB.

Absent Minded Coder Posts(30:40)

JB shared his 2 posts from the last brown bag…

Structure Map 2.6 constructing the concrete type

Interface Segregation Principle

JB also shared George’s comment on the Udi InfoQ article :


Claudio shared a helpful tool to get rid of an annoying Windows error.

VS 2010 Step into .Net Framework(18:40)

Claudio also shared a blog post showing how to setup Visual Studio 2010 to allow stepping into .Net Framework code.

Why Your Code Sucks(19:45)

Claudio shared a blog post that talks about why your code sucks… yes he is talking to you.

Resharper and Regions(20:40)

Find out how to configure Resharper to remove regions

You can also prevent Resharper from adding regions


Uncle Bob uploaded a WTF is a Monad presentation : <- JB plans to look at this tonight ;D

Revamp Your Code Review(35:10)

Ryan wanted JB to share a blog post by Kyle Baley discussing the code review process :

Nine Things ie9 is doing Right(36:30)

Ryan also wanted JB to share :

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us(27:12)

JB thinks @TheCodeFoundary tweet’d this link earlier in the week. It is an interesting video discussing how we are actually motivated by more than money. :D

Git + GitHub(37:10)

Claudio was asking about Git so JB shared some links and walked through a simple workflow into how to commit locally and then push to a GitHub repository.

Git Extensions can be found here :

We also discovered this :

Architecting TekPub(55:00)

Great article on InfoQ. In the article they itnerview James Avery and Rob Conery about their experience with TekPub going from MVC to Ruby on Rails and the reasoning why.

Future Rails Hands-On Demo?(51:18)

JB tossed out the idea of having a rails hands on talk where as Claudio talks, he would code the application in rails. The purpose is to showcase how rapidly we can build an application and deploy the application using rails.