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The Virtual Brown Bag meeting is an online virtual meeting where participants share code, tips, tricks, utilities, valuable web links, experiences, and learning around .Net development themes in general.  More information can be found at this address.  

The meetings are held over Live Meeting between 12 and 1pm Central Time every Thursday and recorded.   Recordings of past shows can be found at this address.

This Wiki is meant to be a place to enter notes about each episode to serve as a guide so that topics can be searched for and episodes can easily be found.

To become a contributor, send an email with your email address to requesting access and I'll add you to the list of users that can make changes.

Feel free to add pages for meeting dates and add your notes from the meeting or taken as you watch the recordings.  Or update missing topics and notes to existing meeting date pages.

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Today's featured article is Monads

Uncle Bob uploaded a WTF is a Monad presentation...

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