JUANITA HOFSTROM has a solid background in fiber arts.  She has served as guest instructor and lecturer at Mt. Mary College; Rockford College Evening School; University of Wisconsin, Whitewater; Gatlinburg, Tennessee and has instructed on the Stockbridge-Munsee Indian Reservation.  She has also conducted many workshops in fibers at surrounding technical colleges.

A graduate of Northern Illinois University (B.S. in Art Ed.) and of U.W.-Milwaukee (M.S. in Art), she researched and executed studies in loom-based clothing construction for her Master's Degree.  Recently retired from her public school tour as traveling art teacher, she is following a long-time dream of sharing her weaving skills with others.

.............About Norman

Norman, Juanita's good husband and partner of 51 years, working out details for shaft switching equipment to go on the Cranbrook loom.   He's measuring, marking and numbering 3/4" increments as detailed by Peter Collingwood in his book Techniques of Rug Weaving.