Championships of the past

World Championship 2016

Viano do Castelo, Portugal, organized by the Clube de Vela de Viana do Castelo
Event website:

World Championship 2015

The 2015 Vaurien World Championships, which were sailed from July 23 to 30, saw one of the windiest conditions in the history of Vaurien World Championships, resulting in capsizes, broken sails and masts. Still, the PRO showed no mercy, starting all 13 races on schedule, despite heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. Even when the gold fleet almost completely sailed without spinnaker, the races went on. In the end, it was a duell for the title, which was won by Niccolo Bertola and Jacopa Izzola from Italy (20 points), just one point ahead of the Dutch strong wind specialists (and  podium subscribers) Roelof and Jelmer Kuipers (21 points). The third place went to Antonio Pérez Castro and Gonzalo Martínez Rodríguez from Spain (36 points).
The 2015 Vaurien Youth World Champions are Michiel Sickler and Kristy de Leeuw from Netherlands (5th overall, 48 points), while the best female crew was Marije Faber and Brechtje van der Werf, also from Netherlands (22nd overall, 169 points).

Pictures can be found here.

World Championship 2014

The 53nd Vaurien World Championship was in Marina di Grosseto, Italy from July 26 - August 2.

On the weekend prior to the World Championship, an international Europa Cup Regatta will be organized in the same location.

Camping will be possible in front of the club house and on near-by camping sites.

Further information will follow shortly.

World Championship 2013

The 52nd Vaurien World Championship was held in Sanxenxo, Spain from July 13 - July 21.

The Notice of Race and further information will soon be available at the event website

World Championship 2012

The 51st Vaurien World Championship was held in Dournanez in France from July 14 - July 21.

With an almost flawless performance, the 2012 title goes to last year's runners up, Jaime and Alfonso Leiros from Spain, followed by the Dutch strong wind specialists Roelof and Jelmer Kuipers, with long-time Vaurienists Javier Serano and Rosa Foruria (ESP) bringing up the third.

The overall results can be found here.

Again, many pictures were taken by Jaap Röfekamp, who is turning into something like an official photographer.

Thanks to AS Vaurien France for the organization, and see you next year in Sanxenxo, Spain.

World Championship 2011

The 50th Vaurien World Championship was held on Lake Dümmer in Germany from July 30th till August 5th.

Miro and Maros Baran from Slovakia are the 2011 Vaurien World Champion, Jaime and Alfonso Leiros from Spain are second, followed by the Olmo Cerri and Eduardo Meini from Italy, who are the 2011 Vaurien Junior World Champion.

The shallow waters of Lake Dümmer should provided a spectator-friendly arena for close racing for the 66 participating teams from 10 nations.

The final results can be found here.

Pictures are available from different sources:

Johan Pragt's pictures (NED coach)

Pictures from the official photographer (more will follow, the upload takes time).

Jaap Röfekamp's pictures (the guy in the water)