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Laminate sails

For future development of the Vaurien the International Vaurien Class Association has decided to allow laminate sails from 2014 onwards. The exact wording of the rules will be prepared for the CIV summer meeting 2013.

The goal of this changes is to increase the visual appeal and the attractiveness of the Vaurien class, especially to younger sailors.
The introduction of mylar laminate sails is a logical step, following the introduction of the bigger sail plan and especially the square top mainsail in 2008, which gave the Vaurien a very modern look.

Still under discussiom is whether laminate will be allowed only for the mainsail. Since the jib overlaps the mast, a laminate jib would be quickly damaged.

The dimensions and measurement rules will be the exactly same as in the current sails.

Laminate ply will be allowed as an alternative to dacron. Dacron sails will still be legal.

Read more about the prototype that was presented in Douarnenez 2012 and about the advantages and disadvantages of laminate sails.