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World Champions 2014: Botticini / Gennari (ITA)

posted 21 Aug 2014, 02:07 by Vaurien Sailing
The Italiens Ettore Botticini and Lorenzo Gennari are the new world champions of the Vaurien class. Second place went to fellow countrymen Faccenda / Bertola, followed by the Dutch brothers Kuipers.

"Difficult conditions during the whole week" - said Ettore Botticini at the end of the day - "but we managed to always be in the top five. The constancy plays a vital role in the World Cup, and was also seen in our case. The DSQ it did not, it was a handicap, but it has always pushed us to do better and to never give up."

Marco Faccenda (7 time world champion) and Nicholas Bertola finished right behind Botticini / Gennari
with 36 total points, including two wins, and just 5 points away from world title after a week characterized difficult wind and weather conditions.

"We tried to send them to a part where others could get in front of them" - said Marco Faccenda after the final race - "but we did not succeed. We played bad the first day, they knew the field well and took advantage, closing with two firsts and a third against our 9,3,2. But there is no regret, Ettore is young and he deserves everything he has done. "

Lowest step of the podium goes to
the two Flying Dutchmen, brothers Roelof Kuipers and Jelmer Kuipers, who after the wonderful strong wind day yesterday, topped with two wins and a second place, they failed to repeat that on the final day, finishing 14th position, ginving them third place overall (49 points). Eight points from two other brothers, the Slovaks Maros and Miroslav Baran (57 points), with the fifth position occupied by last years world champion, the Italians Zampacavallo / Francis (65 points).


Final overall ranking:

Top 5

1 ITA 36355 - Botticinis / Gennari - 3,1,1, (15), (DSQ) 3,4,3,5,3,6,2 - Tot. 31 points

2 ITA 36384 - Matter / Bertola (Master) - 9,3,2, (16), 4.1 (15), 6,1,5,2,3 - Tot. 36 points

3 NED 36382 - Kuipers / Kuipers - (14), 8,10,1,9,6,9,2,2,1,1, (14) - Tot. 49 points

4 SVK 36346 - Baran / Baran - 6,4,6, (17), (17), 5,1,10,6,2,9,8 - Tot. 57 points

5. ESP 36360 - Zampacavallo / Melfa ?? 2,2,8, (21), 2,14,10,4,13,9, (22), 1Tot. 65 points

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