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Niccolo Bertola and Jacopo Izzola - World Champions 2015

posted 31 Aug 2015, 01:24 by Peter Lakshmanan
The 2015 Vaurien World Championships, which were sailed from July 23 to 30, saw one of the windiest conditions in the history of Vaurien World Championships, resulting in capsizes, broken sails and masts. Still, the PRO showed no mercy, starting all 13 races on schedule, despite heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. Even when the gold fleet almost completely sailed without spinnaker, the races went on. In the end, it was a duell for the title, which was won by Niccolo Bertola and Jacopa Izzola from Italy (20 points), just one point ahead of the Dutch strong wind specialists (and  podium subscribers) Roelof and Jelmer Kuipers (21 points). The third place went to Antonio Pérez Castro and Gonzalo Martínez Rodríguez from Spain (36 points).
The 2015 Vaurien Youth World Champions are Michiel Sickler and Kristy de Leeuw from Netherlands (5th overall, 48 points), while the best female crew was Marije Faber and Brechtje van der Werf, also from Netherlands (22nd overall, 169 points).