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Luciano Gavazzi

Dear Vaurien Friends,

Luciano Gavazzi has died. The skilful craftsman who built thousands of wooden Vauriens deceased on august 20th.  He had been one of the first ship builders to be fascinated by Herbulot’s most famous project and since the fifties he concurred to the history of our class. It is better to say that he concurred to the history of modern sailing in general.

He deeply loved his work and especially loved his wooden Vauriens, many of them are still sailing all over Europe, and sometimes beyond, just proving how Luciano was able to transform his love into masterpieces of accuracy and solidity.

At the last Vaurien Worlds in Marina di Grosseto we would have liked Luciano Gavazzi to come and give prizes to the Wooden category boats, but he was already too ill. Those boats were all Gavazzi’s. Those boats and all the wooden Vauriens that will continue to sail in his name are now the prize to his life.


Maurizio Raffaelli, IVCA President

Firenze, August 21, 2014