Class Rule Changes Approved

posted 30 May 2016, 04:52 by Peter Lakshmanan   [ updated 3 Aug 2016, 05:54 ]

The changes to the Vaurien Class Rules rules approved by CIV during the last winter meeting have been approved by World Sailing. They will be effective from June 1st, 2016.

The main changes are:
  • paddle is mandatory only when required by the Notice of Race.
  • numbers on spinnaker are now optional
  • changes on centreboard fairing
  • clarification on rudder position and orientation
  • clarification on the use of the transom template
  • draining ports covers are now mandatory
  • allow the use of personal numbers of 3 digits on national basis

You can find the changes an the complete version of the class rules here:

Niccolo Bertola and Jacopo Izzola - World Champions 2015

posted 31 Aug 2015, 01:24 by Peter Lakshmanan

The 2015 Vaurien World Championships, which were sailed from July 23 to 30, saw one of the windiest conditions in the history of Vaurien World Championships, resulting in capsizes, broken sails and masts. Still, the PRO showed no mercy, starting all 13 races on schedule, despite heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. Even when the gold fleet almost completely sailed without spinnaker, the races went on. In the end, it was a duell for the title, which was won by Niccolo Bertola and Jacopa Izzola from Italy (20 points), just one point ahead of the Dutch strong wind specialists (and  podium subscribers) Roelof and Jelmer Kuipers (21 points). The third place went to Antonio Pérez Castro and Gonzalo Martínez Rodríguez from Spain (36 points).
The 2015 Vaurien Youth World Champions are Michiel Sickler and Kristy de Leeuw from Netherlands (5th overall, 48 points), while the best female crew was Marije Faber and Brechtje van der Werf, also from Netherlands (22nd overall, 169 points).

Vaurien World Championship 2015

posted 28 Jan 2015, 03:44 by Vaurien Sailing   [ updated 28 Jan 2015, 03:45 ]

Dear Sailors,

As everybody could see in our logo the location for the World Championship this year will be the city of Sneek, in the northern part of the Netherlands. We will sail at the Sneekermeer at the Koninklijke Watersportvereniging Sneek, or in English Royal Yacht Club Sneek. This change gives us the opportunity to have a great World Championship with all facilities close to each other. The shore will be at the island ‘Kolmeersland’ in the Sneekermeer. There will be camping facilities for campers as well as tents at this island. We will inform you further about the facilities as soon as possible.
We are working hard to provide you all the information needed, please check our website or Facebook for up-to-date information. When you miss something contact us by Facebook, or by email.

We hope to see you all in Sneek.

ASV Netherlands - the World Championship organization team

Luciano Gavazzi

posted 21 Aug 2014, 02:11 by Vaurien Sailing   [ updated 21 Aug 2014, 02:16 ]

Dear Vaurien Friends,

Luciano Gavazzi has died. The skilful craftsman who built thousands of wooden Vauriens deceased on august 20th.  He had been one of the first ship builders to be fascinated by Herbulot’s most famous project and since the fifties he concurred to the history of our class. It is better to say that he concurred to the history of modern sailing in general.

He deeply loved his work and especially loved his wooden Vauriens, many of them are still sailing all over Europe, and sometimes beyond, just proving how Luciano was able to transform his love into masterpieces of accuracy and solidity.

At the last Vaurien Worlds in Marina di Grosseto we would have liked Luciano Gavazzi to come and give prizes to the Wooden category boats, but he was already too ill. Those boats were all Gavazzi’s. Those boats and all the wooden Vauriens that will continue to sail in his name are now the prize to his life.


Maurizio Raffaelli, IVCA President

Firenze, August 21, 2014

World Champions 2014: Botticini / Gennari (ITA)

posted 21 Aug 2014, 02:07 by Vaurien Sailing

The Italiens Ettore Botticini and Lorenzo Gennari are the new world champions of the Vaurien class. Second place went to fellow countrymen Faccenda / Bertola, followed by the Dutch brothers Kuipers.

"Difficult conditions during the whole week" - said Ettore Botticini at the end of the day - "but we managed to always be in the top five. The constancy plays a vital role in the World Cup, and was also seen in our case. The DSQ it did not, it was a handicap, but it has always pushed us to do better and to never give up."

Marco Faccenda (7 time world champion) and Nicholas Bertola finished right behind Botticini / Gennari
with 36 total points, including two wins, and just 5 points away from world title after a week characterized difficult wind and weather conditions.

"We tried to send them to a part where others could get in front of them" - said Marco Faccenda after the final race - "but we did not succeed. We played bad the first day, they knew the field well and took advantage, closing with two firsts and a third against our 9,3,2. But there is no regret, Ettore is young and he deserves everything he has done. "

Lowest step of the podium goes to
the two Flying Dutchmen, brothers Roelof Kuipers and Jelmer Kuipers, who after the wonderful strong wind day yesterday, topped with two wins and a second place, they failed to repeat that on the final day, finishing 14th position, ginving them third place overall (49 points). Eight points from two other brothers, the Slovaks Maros and Miroslav Baran (57 points), with the fifth position occupied by last years world champion, the Italians Zampacavallo / Francis (65 points).


Final overall ranking:

Top 5

1 ITA 36355 - Botticinis / Gennari - 3,1,1, (15), (DSQ) 3,4,3,5,3,6,2 - Tot. 31 points

2 ITA 36384 - Matter / Bertola (Master) - 9,3,2, (16), 4.1 (15), 6,1,5,2,3 - Tot. 36 points

3 NED 36382 - Kuipers / Kuipers - (14), 8,10,1,9,6,9,2,2,1,1, (14) - Tot. 49 points

4 SVK 36346 - Baran / Baran - 6,4,6, (17), (17), 5,1,10,6,2,9,8 - Tot. 57 points

5. ESP 36360 - Zampacavallo / Melfa ?? 2,2,8, (21), 2,14,10,4,13,9, (22), 1Tot. 65 points

official sites

Vaurien World Championship 2014:

Compagnia della Vela Grosseto:

photo gallery

Photo gallery of the day:

Class Rules updated!

posted 3 Feb 2014, 02:20 by Peter Lakshmanan

From 2014 on, the International Vaurien Class allows the use of laminate ply for its mainsails.

The latest class rule amendments that have been approved by ISAF. They are available on the ISAF website at:

Most of the amendments are concerning the implementation of laminate mainsails as approved by CIV in summer meeting 2013.
Additionally, there is an amendment to clarify the use of the rudder template to check rudder blade dimensions as approved by CIV in winter meeting 2013.

Please, make public to all vaurien sailors and pass on to builders and sailmakers in your country.


Throphee Virginio 2014

posted 23 Sep 2013, 03:28 by Vaurien Sailing

Dear friends,

the French Vauriens want to organize the Trophee Virginio in Le Lavandou again next year. The date, as usual, would be the Easter weekend (19.-21. April 2014). Before starting the preparation of the event, they would like to know how many boats are planing to come. Therefore, I would like you to give a short notice to
if you plan to go to Le Lavandou.

Thanks & CU soon.

Italy wins the TURISMO RÍAS BAIXAS Vaurien World Championship

posted 21 Aug 2013, 04:16 by Peter Lakshmanan   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 04:16 ]

Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), July 20, 2013

Tension was high going into the last day of the 2013 Turismo Rias Baixas Vaurien World Championship, with four teams still in contention for the overall title: The defending world champions, Leiros brothers from Spain were in the lead, having fought back into the contention after a bad start into the regatta. On equal point were 2011 World Champions, Baran brothers from Slovakia. Trailing by just one point was the Italian team of Zampacavallo / Armengot. In fourth place, but not without hopes of winning the competition was the team of Campos / Martinez from Spain.

The day dawned, as before, with fog and thermal wind still building, but the Committee send the fleet out on the water anyway, to wait for the wind to settle and hopefully sail the remaining two races. However, it was not until 13:15 h when finally the first race was started. The four competitors were locked in tight battle, with Italian crew "Zas Sailing Madness" Zampacavallo /
Armengot getting the best end, overtaking the Spaniards Jaime and Alfonso Leiros just with the last tack before the finish. The Slovakian brothers scored a third place, while the other Spanish team of Campos Martinez only finished as 6th and fell out of the contention for the World title.

So, going into the last race, the Italians lead by one point in front of the Leiros brothers (ESP). The Baran brothers (SVK) were just two points from the lead.

In the final race, it was the team of Zampacavallo, who got the best start, controlling the opposition from 2nd place. Out in front was a French team, who, having nothing to do with the overall win, took an unopposed race win. In third place was the team of Campos / Martinez, giving the Italians a nice buffer. Miroslav and Maros Baran took the 4th place, boosting them to second overall, while the defending champions, Leiros brothers, were struggeling in this last race, finishing only in 7th place, resulting in a bronze medal overall.

So, finally, after more than 20 years of sailing Vaurien, the team of Francesco Zampacavallo and Carlos Frances Armengot, won the Vaurien World Championship. At the same time, they also win the masters trophy.

The Vaurien Junior World Championship goes to Jelle Fokkema and Fimme Veldhuis from Netherlands, with another Dutch team, Jelmer Yntema and Jorrit Bonnema, on second place with equal points.

The price giving ceremony on the terrace of the Real Club Nautico Sanxenxo was a show of fun and friendship between nations and generations, which is the heart of the Vaurien Class. The most emotional moment clearly was, when Ugo Zappi, the 90 year old Chief Measurer of the class, adressed the sailors, to thank them for keeping the spirit of the Vaurien alive.


Final classification

1. Francesco Zampacavallo / Carlos Frances Armengot (Italy), 2 +2 +3 +2 + (61) + (7) +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +2 +1 +2 = 33

Two. Miroslav Baran / Maros Baran (Slovakia), 3 + (8) +5 +1 +2 +5 + (6) +1 +2 +4 +4 +2 +3 +4 = 36

Three. Jaime Leirós / Alfonso Leirós (Spain), (14) +1 +1 +9 +6 +3 +3 +2 + (13) +1 +1 +1 +2 +7 = 37

April. Ignacio Campos / Gonzalo Martínez (Spain), (11) +3 +2 +3 +1 +1 +1 + (61) +5 +7 +6 +6 +3 +3 = 41

May. Kuiper roelof / Jelmes Kuiper (Netherlands), 1 +6 + (22) +7 +11 +2 +11 + (18) +1 +12 +2 +3 +8 +14 = 41

Full results.

Class Rules updated

posted 11 Jun 2013, 01:58 by Vaurien Sailing

Hello Vaurien friends,

the latest class rule amendments that have been approved by ISAF.
They are available also on the ISAF website at:

Mostly they are formatting and editorial amendments aimed at simplifying class rules.

The most relevant change is the introduction of C.7.3, stating the minimum hull weight including all fixed fittings at 73kg.

Other relevant amendments are clarification of :
  • hull edge rounding off and chamfer in D.3.1
  • side deck construction in D.6.1
  • primary reinforcement at upper leech point in G.3.3(g)
  • minimum cockpit floor width in D.7.2 (f)

Please, make public to all vaurien sailors and pass on to builders and sailmakers in your country.


Florence Herbulot

posted 3 Jun 2013, 01:56 by Peter Lakshmanan   [ updated 3 Jun 2013, 04:56 ]

Florence Herbulot, daughter of the designer of the Vaurien, Jean-Jaques Herbulot, died on May 26, 2013. She succumbed to severe health problems that worsened during the last weeks.

The world of the Vaurien class is an orphan. This simple sentence perfectly reflects the feelings of the class. After the death of Jean-Jaques Herbulot and his wife Helen, Florence was the safe-keeper of the spirit of the Vaurien. She deliberately withdrew from influencing any technical developements of the class, but she would guarantee that the idea of simplicity, friendship and "sailing for everyone", which is the core of the Vaurien class, was kept alive.

Florence Herbulot will be sorely missed during the future meetings of the CIV, which traditionally were held in here spectacular apartment in Rue Andrieux in Paris. But wherever the next meetings will be, in our thoughts, Florence will always be with us.

An article about Florence Herbulot, published by Sail Magazine, is available on the website of the AS Vaurien France.

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