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Imagine a world where you were a golf pro, and you were about to enter the Masters Tournament. You would definitely want to be the Tiger Woods of the golf world. How would you get there? How would you train? Of course you’d want the top of the line Calloway golf clubs and putters, and you’d want the best trainers in the world, so that you can train on the best fairways in the world and of course, you would need to consider the fact that you would need the best sponsors to financially facilitate this dream. Now, what if you had the skills, and potential of the next Tiger Woods but instead of getting the top of the line golf clubs and all of the support you needed to help attain your goals, imagine you were given a used 5-iron.

We all are the golfers of our life and we participate in the Masters Tournament of life every day. It’s the proverbial leader board that we all try and strive to be at the front and get to the 18th hole. We do various things to try to edge out the competition by getting a post-secondary education, networking in good social circles, volunteering and experiencing life to finding a good mentor.  But in this rat race, what if we aren’t even given a fair chance to participate?  There are always a good proportion of exceptionally bright students that face economic and social barriers that hinder them from a high level of achievement. This is the sad reality of many of the under privileged adolescents in our community. The financial strain of rising tuition costs, with the heightened demands to be competitive in the marketplace, coupled with social barriers such as varying family circumstances and access to opportunities, make it near impossible for them to compete against the more affluent counterparts.

Now, imagine you had the ability to help the next Tiger Woods reach his potential.  What if you could make someone’s dreams a reality? If you had the opportunity to be the sponsor in someone’s Masters Tournament called life and watch them hone in on their skills and talents to become tomorrow’s idyllic leader, wouldn’t you to everything in your power to be apart of this extraordinary process.

Well you can!!
You have what it takes to make a difference in a promising youth’s future!!!

As a sponsor and advocate of the First Steps Camps, you have the opportunity to be apart of this progressive cause to help give today’s youth a chance at a promising future. The First Steps camp was designed with the belief that today’s youth have enormous potential within them. With the right guidance, accessibility to the proper opportunities, today’s youth can view post secondary education as a tool to become the Tiger Woods of their respective worlds. When we invest in our youth, we not only open doors for them to explore their individuality and talents but we facilitate their growth.

The First Steps Camps aims to give the youth in our community the confidence to step out into the world and become active leaders and positive role models for the generations to come. The First Steps Camp offers a place where like-minded young talented individuals can get together to build strong relationships with each amongst other and engage in the community.

This camp will allow them to identify with their heritage and develop a sense of pride so that they can represent our community in a positive light as they set forth in their life quest. It is a safe place where they can ask questions, learn important life lessons and begin to explore their individuality and gain confidence to share their opinions and have a voice in some of tomorrow’s important decisions.  Think about the magnitude this type of camp could have on a young individual, especially when this time is usually forth by uncertainty. This camp provides a safe haven to explore the endless opportunities and to enter into post secondary education with a zest and a thirst for knowledge and curiosity. 

We hope that today’s youth will use their higher education, coupled with the relationships, confidence, and the wisdom ascertained through camp will better equip them to navigate through the road maps of life.

Now imagine you’ve reached these new heights and you’ve just won the Masters Tournament of your life. In your honour your family and friends decide to throw you a smashing celebration.   Picture the Oscars meets Free the Children, Glamour and beauty for a worthwhile charity and cause. It is an event that will require you to adorn yourself with jewels and will warm your heart as well. It is guaranteed to be a red carpet event, from a sea of beautiful flowing gowns to dazzle the eye, coupled with so many stars we might be able to recreate our own version of the big dipper. 

The 2012 Vietnamese Innovators and Visionaries Awards (VIVA) Gala which will be held at the Apollo Convention Centre on June 2nd is expected to bring about the best of the best in terms of Toronto’s celebrities is expected to attend and is an event that shouldn’t be missed by anyone considered to be important.

While enjoying a delectable five star meal, one may also expect to be given a taste of the young seventeen-year old opera singer who will surely steal the spot light from this generation’s Paris by Night superstars.  If that wasn’t enough to lure into celebrating this fabulous evening, you can expect to be dazzled by a night of spectacular showcase of other talent, from a myriad of local singers to professional ballroom dancers, Las Vegas showgirls and other unique performers that are sure to capture the eye.  It’s a night filled with endless possibilities. It’s a night NOT to be missed for a by anyone who’s anyone in Toronto’s social scene.  

This GALA event is not just an ordinary event where we can get together to have a good time. It is an event that will dictate the future of our community. The actions and YOUR participation in this event will undoubtedly play a huge part in the outcome of our community for generations to come. We can take a queue from one of our century’s great US president John F. Kennedy who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” We should yield to his advice and participate and support the communities we live in. It is today’s youth and today’s actions to aid our youth in becoming the great leaders of tomorrow. 
Linh Luu