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Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Vietnamese Association, Toronto (VAT), I welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in the 2012 Vietnamese Innovators and Visionaries Awards (VIVA) Gala. Building on the extraordinary accomplishments of last year’s gala, VAT in partnership with UVSA and VCSA are hoping to bring to you an even greater experience.

2012 marks an exciting and eventful year for VAT as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of VAT’s inception. However, as we celebrate the past, we must also look forward to the future. This year, the VIVA Gala aims to raise funds for the First Step Camp and Len Duong Camp, which are both Vietnamese youth development camps for high school students. The camps will provide an opportunity for Vietnamese youth with great potential and from all walks of life including those from low-income families, to attend the summer camps.
We would like to thank our sponsors, community and business leaders, and volunteers for their support. The existence of programs like the First Step Camp and Len Duong Camp and their success is only possible due to the passion and efforts of these individuals. If you are interested in providing sponsorship, volunteering your service, or would like to attend the gala, please feel free to peruse our website for more information.

If you believe in the values and goals outlined by the First Step Camp and Len Duong Camp, please reach out, get involved, and join me in having a hand in helping our youth of today become successful leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jaime Diep Dang Duy,
President, Vietnamese Association, Toronto.