VCSA - Toronto

The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA), is a non-profit Vietnamese American organization founded in 1990. It has over 400 members, mostly young Vietnamese professionals across the USA and Canada. Founded in Houston, Texas, it has chapters in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Memphis, San Diego, Washington DC, Minnesota, and in Canada: Toronto and London, Ontario.

The Toronto Chapter of the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association of Toronto (VCSA Toronto) was established in July 2005. Its membership consists of young and dedicated Vietnamese-Canadian professionals, students, and active members of the community. The VCSA of Toronto is proud to be the first Canadian chapter of the VCSA.

Mission Statement
The main goals of the Vietnamese Culture & Science Association of Toronto is congruent with the VCSA’s mission of promoting harmony and cooperation amongst members of the Vietnamese community, in particular, Vietnamese-Canadians in the fields of “culture” and “science”, providing a multi-faceted environment where young Vietnamese-Canadian professionals can exchange ideas, share skills and participate in the building of a strong Vietnamese community in Canada.
For more information, please visit VCSA website.