Established in September of 1996, the United Vietnamese Students Association (UVSA) is a leading non-profit, Vietnamese community organization in Ontario run by a board of dedicated post-secondary students and alumnus. The primary focus of the UVSA is the preservation and promotion of the Vietnamese culture and heritage:
  • By understanding the Vietnamese culture; by trying to speak and write using the Vietnamese language whenever possible
  • To lead, promote unity and harmony among the various Vietnamese Student Associations (VSAs) in Ontario
  • To support and/or organize joint events among different individual VSAs and assist in building a stronger Vietnamese community for VSAs who reside in Ontario
  • To organize social, cultural and charitable activities in partnership with other Vietnamese community organizations in Canada and in the world, as well as other Canadian mainstream community wherever possible
  • To recognize, award and support the potential of any individual VSA and its members for their successful community involvement and great achievements before and after graduation
  • To encourage and to provide the means for each individual VSA and its members to participate in their school/college/university mainstream activities

For more information, please visit UVSA - Ontario website.