Thien Huynh

Thien Huynh serves on the Vietnamese Association, Toronto’s Executive Board. He is a banking/investment industry professional who also writes two nationally syndicated columns for Sun Media. Thien recently won the 2011 CEMA award for feature writing and is passionate about shining a spotlight on the achievements of Vietnamese making an impact:
“There are many inspiring stories in our community. VIVA is essential in recognizing successful individuals so that younger Vietnamese Canadians can hope and strive for more than the status quo in their futures.”

Cindy Phu
Cindy Phu works in the Hospitality & Tourism industry, a career that she’s loved since she was young. She spends her free time with loving and wonderful family and friends. 
She is passionate about volunteering, dancing, travelling and music. As a member of Tieng Noi Tre Radio and Dance Group, Cindy had performed for many Vietnamese stars on Paris By Night, and Van Son Entertainment.
As always, she wanted to give back to the community and to be involved in a wonderful cause such as the VIVA Gala.

Cally Chung
My name is Cally Chung and I came to Canada when I was young.  I was the president of Vietnamese Club in highschool for 4 years, after that, I was introduced to TNT by Jaime Diep. I love to volunteer for the Vietnamese community so that I can learn more about the culture, to be more fluently in Vietnamese and to make more new friends.  I have been away from the community for quite sometime and now, I want to get back into helping the community. I have a daughter who is 3 now and I want to introduce her to the community, by teaching her how to help out and to connect with others, to be proud of her background.
I hope through the Gala event, I can make more new friends and network more.  This is my first time volunteer for the Gala and I really am looking forward to a new experience.

Elen Nguyen
Elen studied travel and tourism and is passionate about the career choice. She was first introduced to volunteer in the Vietnamese community through TNT's (Tieng Noi Tre) radio group about 9 years ago. Ever since she's been volunteering in minor roles in a few if not all charities.
This year's VIVA Gala will be the first, both in attendance and volunteering. When she was told  the true reason behind the event, she is extremely glad that there are individuals out there who care deeply about the Vietnamese community. Not just our generation...but generations to follow.
Crystal Truong
Crystal Truong is a 4th year student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Psychology. She is involved within the Vietnamese community as an executive of VCSA and volunteering at events and functions such as the VIVA Gala. She enjoys travelling and cooking and on her spare time she enjoys the company of her friends and family.
Crystal was inspired to participate in the VIVA Gala because she wishes to support and honour those that have achieved so much to shape the Vietnamese community to where it stands today as well as help contribute to the success of the FIRST STEP CAMP.
Kimmie Nguyen
Kimmie Nguyen is studying at York University, completing a B.A. Sociology Major & Psychology Minor. She's actively involved in the local Vietnamese-Canadian community in the past nine years. Currently she's the VP Internal of the Vietnamese Culture & Science Association, volunteer instructor of Lop Viet Ngu Scarborough, choreographer, event planner, and holds several position in the parish community.
Kimmie is excited to participate in this year's VIVA Gala. The proceeds raised at the gala will go toward First Step Camp. Under the leadership of the founder of First Step Camp, anh Tho Pham, without a doubt, she is looking forward with anticipation to see the success of the camp come together. She strongly supports the purpose and goals of First Step. (In addition, it's a personal enjoyment to work alongside the organizers, VAT, and "các bậc anh chị", whom are inspirational role models of the Vietnamese-Canadian community.)
David Pham
David Pham was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. A graduate from University of Waterloo in Mathematics, David spends his work hours designing and creating business development tools for deployment in the Americas Region. For leisure, he loves to travel and works with bright minds from different communities to bring together unique opportunities for youth and young adults.
"I love to work with the ViVA Gala Team because I believe that Vietnamese professionals and experienced entrepreneurs have garnered a lot of wisdom through their struggles and growth, particularly in the Canadian sector. VIVA Gala provides an attractive venue to highlight their accomplishments and show the youth of today that they mean business."