Back pain - Don't take it lying down

Back pain affects nearly everyone at some point, but is rarely serious. The best advice is to keep moving and stay active.

Majority of the back pain have no identifiable cause. Only less than 5% have a cause and even less than 1% have serious cause! There is good evidence that fear and belief that pain is harmful are the main risk factors to maintain the long term chronicity of back pain leading to disability (described as yellow flag).

Take control of your pain: Back pain can be distressing, but hurt does not mean harm. Don't ever let pain take control of your life!

Dr Vasu performs variety of interventions to help with back pain and leg pain - including injections like:

    * Lumbar facet medial branch block injection

    * Lumbar radiofrequency denervation

    * Nerve root block

    * Transforaminal epidural injection

    * Caudal and lumbar epidural injection

    * Sacroiliac joint injection

    * Trigger myofascial injection

    * Pulsed radiofrequency neuromodulation 

Each patient has to be assessed for specific interventions based on clinical presentation and the signs.