Vassilis Vlastaras
Visual artist, Assistant Professor
Department of Fine Arts
Athens School of Fine Arts

Born in Argos, 1963
Lives and works in Athens


M.A, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, 2002.
M.Sc, Department of Interactive Multimedia, University of Westminster, London, 2000.
B.A, Department of Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts, 1996. 
B.A, Department of Graphic Arts, TEI of Athens, 1991. 
Film studies, director , School of Cinematographic studies E. Chatzikou, Athens, 1990-1993.
Photography in AKTO, Athens, 1984.
Faculty of Architecture, Istituto Universitario di Architetura di Venezia 1981-1984.


Lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts. (since August 2007).
Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts. (September 1999- June 2007).
Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Graphic Arts, TEI of Athens. (September 1996- June 2007). 


He creates large-scale site-specific installations and he experiments with various media in painting, drawing, photography, video, real time video and sound performances and computer interactive installations. His artistic practice examines the relationship between artwork and urban space, the notion of the ephemeral, and the interrelation between spatial movement, material and sound. Currently his work investigates the personal and social implications of loss, oblivion, history, memory and the subsequent acts of remembrance/memorialization and the relationships between the appetite for life and the frenzy of death. He has been a member of ΠLATFORMES since 2002, a collective of art professionals ranking from visual artists to art theorists, musicians and film makers in Athens. He has been the main coordinator of Utopia Project an annual summer residency program for artists who intend to collaborate with experienced artists, theorists and political scientists, that is hosted by ASFA every July since 2006 in the annex of ASFA in Rethymno, Crete, where he performed a series of lectures and seminars about each year’s utopia’s subject. He has taken part in many exhibition projects, solo and group shows in Greece and abroad.


2008    “I don't live here anymore”, Nees Morfes gallery, Athens.
2007    “The landscapes i met Alexander”, Art Space Platformes.
2005    “pornophony DEMO”, Art Space Platformes.
2004    “Why someone has to tell the truth when lying is more convenient “, Nees Morfes gallery, Athens.
2002    “Self portrait IV”, Athens.
2000    “My relationship with amnesia”, Nees Morfes gallery, Athens.
1999    “Self portrait III”, Athens.
1997    “Painting”, Art Space Paratiritis, Thessaloniki.
1996    “Self portrait I”, Athens
1995    “Skydrome Klimax II”, old industry space, Athens.
1993    “Nostos”, old industry space, Athens.

GROUP SHOWS (selected)

2014    “The Ghost Exits”, EMST, Project Room, Athens.
2014    “είδος”, idee, modele, empreinte. ISBA, Besancon, France.
2013    “Agora”, 4th Biennale of Athens (AB4), Athens.
2013    “Lamentations, hoots and a few jubilations”, Patras.
2013    “Modern Greek Painting”, Re-culture2, Patras.
2013    “La pocha nostra jam session”, Theater of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens.
2012    “mobility&identity”, RE-Culture 1, Agora Argyri, Patra.
2012    “To the limits of “togetherness””, The symptom projects, Old Hospital, Amfissa.
2012    “Red Line”, choRos 18, Thessaloniki.
2012    The teachers of the School of Fine Arts converse with students”, Ionidios School, Piraeus.
2011    “Utopia/Dystopia”, Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens.
2010    “Utopia Project Archive 2006-2010”, Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens.
2010    “Che puro ciel”, “Sotiria Project”, Sotiria Hospital, Athens.
2010    “Mycobacterium Tuberculosis”, “Sotiria Project”, Sotiria Hospital, Athens.
2010    “Shelf - An exhibition/exercise”, 5th Whitstable Biennale.
2010    “Live drone & video”, School of Fine Arts, Rethymno, Crete.
2009    “Dialogues against the dogmatic mode and in favor of fellowship”, Ekfrassi and Fizz galleries, Athens.
2009    “Burn(all)e”, "Utopia and Youth", School of Fine Arts, Rethymno, Crete.
2009    “Nees Morfes 50 years later”, Benaki Museum, Athens.
2009    “No man's land”, Park of Freedom Art Center, Athens.
2008    “Through a Glass Darkly”, Kenny Schachter ROVE gallery, London.
2008    “Happy new year 2008”, Fournos Theater, Athens.
2007    “3 Hours live drone and video”, Sound & Video live performance, Art Space Platformes.
2007    “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, Art Group Platformes, Athens Culture Center.
2006    “Utopia the Island”, School of Fine Arts, Rethymno, Crete.
2006    “Routes in Athens”, action-performance in AICA convention, Goethe Institute, Athens.
2006    “Versus”, To Milo gallery, Athens.
2004    “Berlin 1936””, To Milo gallery, Athens. 
2002    “Mobility – Immobility”, multimedia action, Α2Β, Basel.
2001    “In Situ”, Nees Morfes gallery, Athens.
1999    “My other self is a total stranger,” Gallery 24, Athens.
1999    “Diadromi 49”, group action in Athens.
1998    “Eneka Exodikou”, Zaimi 54, Athens.
1997    “With all my colors in my pocket”, Red Cross old Hospital, Athens.
1996    “To Tell Stories”, 600 issues ANTI mag, Cultural center Melina Merkouri, Athens.
1994    “Skydrome Klimax I”, Fix old industry, Athens.


From 1990 Vlastaras has worked as a graphic designer in magazines, newspapers and advertising. Since 1993 he has collaborated with Maria Panayides artproduction, an office specialized in exhibition organization where he was involved in exhibition and conference coordination such as Art Athina, Art Fair (1994-2002), Tongue in cheek, Six Contemporary French Artists (2000), Die Schule von Athen, German Art Today (1999), Venice Biennale, Greek Participation, Greek Ministry of Culture (1999), The New Charta of Athens, Municipality of Athens (1998), Everything that’s Interesting Is  New, Deste Foundation (1996), Yiannis Kounelis, Exhibition on Ship Ionion (1994) etc.

vassilis vlastaras