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Ye Olde Booke of VASL Mapmaking Secrets

Ye Old Booke of VASL Mapmaking Secrets

YoB v6 is available here. It is showing its age somewhat but the basics are still good. We're (eternally) working on updating it, but in lieu of getting the whole thing updated, we've settled for simply keeping the Appendices current. Therefore, we recommend you read the Chapters in YoB v6 but use the Appendices below for the most up-to-date information on colors and terrain changes.

    Chapter 1 - Intro
    Chapter 2 - Painting a VASL Map
    Chapter 3 - Making VASL Overlays
    Chapter 4 - Anatomy of a bdX file
    Chapter 5 - Printing VASL Maps
    Chapter 6 - The Countermanual: Making VASL Counters
    Chapter 7 - Making a VASL Extension

    Appendix A - The v5 Geo Board Palette - updated 2 Mar 2011

    Appendix B - Global BoardData Files - updated 3 Mar 2011

    Appendix C - Big Table of v5-Winter-Mud-Desert Color Swaps - updated 3 Mar 2011

    Appendix D - Hill Number List - updated 8 Feb 2012

    Appendix E - Thumbnails of Boards
    Appendix F - Thumbnails of Overlays
    Appendix G - Historical Note - Perl and Postscript Maps