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VASL Terrain Libraries

VASL Terrain Library

These are the virtual tools in the Map Elf's tookit. Some files are in .psd format, some are gifs. A good image editing program (I use Gimp 2.2.17) can handle them both.

Hexgrids:  CleanIDHexgridForDeluxe (788x323), CleanIDHexgridForGeo v5 (1800x645), DASL3xHexgrid (2363x971), HexgridTT66, CX board hexgrids (901x1290, A and B sides)

Palettes: Gimp and Paintshop Pro (PSP) palettes. Especially useful in forcing a scanned image to take on a specified subset of colors, like the 16-color Stone or Wood Buildings.

Patterns: Bridge, Brush (L0-L5), Cactus, Graveyard, Marsh, Paddy, PlowedFields (0, 60, 90, and 120 degree orientations, all Level 0), Railbed, Scrub, Walls, and Woods. Gimp .pat files.

Terrain Clipart: Crags, Orchards (Level 0), Orchard Trees, PalmTrees, and Shellholes. Really only used for laying down orchards and then creating terrain transformation overlays between Crags, Orchards, Palm Trees, and Shellholes. All the other terrain types are done using Cut & Paste or simply filling in regions on the map with the appropriate color or pattern.

VASL Buildings: Six separate psd files, each containing VASL buildings for the standard boards, divided by construction type and size.