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Overlays in v5 colors

        Download these and unzip them into your boards/overlays folder. All of the individual terrain overlay files have been zipped together for one bulk download (i.e., you can't download the Brush overlay file separately from the Deluxe overlay file. Go ahead and buy in bulk).

Standard overlays:   Overlays 1-7, Brush (B), Bridge (BR), Deir (D), Deluxe (DX), Elevated RR (ELRR), Escarpment (E), Grain (G), Hedge (HD), Hill (HI), Hillock (H), Marsh (M), Orchard (O), Ocean (OC), Open Ground (OG), Orchard-Woods (OW), Pond (P), Rice Paddy (RP), Railroad (RR), River (RV), Sand (S), Sand Dune (SD), Shellhole (SH), Stone Rubble (SR), Stream (ST), Sunken Railroad (SURR), Swamp (SW), Vineyard (V), Wadi (W), Woods (WD), Wooden Rubble (WR), Water (WT), Building (X)

Rivers To The Reich overlays: RTTRA-RTTROAll v1.0

Transparent-background overlays: Same as the standard overlays, but with Level 0 Open Ground turned transparent. See here for discussion. Brush (XP_B), Grain (XP_G), Hedge (XP_HD), Marsh (XP_M), Orchard (XP_O), Pond (XP_P), Rice Paddy (XP_RP), Railroad (XP_RR), Shellhole (XP_SH), Stone Rubble (XP_ST), Swamp (XP_SW), Vineyard (XP_V), Woods (XP_WD), Wooden Rubble (XP_WR), Building (XP_X)