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Geo boards

VASL geo boards in v5 colors

All of the standard boards have been given the v5-color treatment, even if they have not been released in Starter Kit style yet.

Download these and unzip them into your boards folder.

With the release of the Map Bundle in mid-January 2011, all geomorphic boards have been released with Starter Kit (SK) style artwork. However, it will take some time to work through the backlog of VASLizing these boards. As the SK-style boards become VASLized, their background in the table below will change from grey to white.
Cells with a Grey Background = physical board has not been VASLized in SK-style yet
Cells with a White Background = physical board has been VASLized in SK-style

bd 00 v5.0
bd 01 v5.3 bd 02 v5.4 bd 03 v5.1 bd 04 v5.1 bd 05 v5.3 bd 06 v5.2 bd 07 v5.3 bd 08 v5.4 bd 09 v5.4 bds 00-09 (latest version of all boards)
bd 10 v5.3
bd 11 v5.3 bd 12 v5.2 bd 13 v5.4 bd 14 v5.2 bd 15 v5.3 bd 16 v5.2 bd 17 v5.2 bd 18 v5.2 bd 19 v5.2 bds 10-19 (latest version of all boards)
bd 20 v5.1
bd 21 v5.1 bd 22 v5.2 bd 23 v5.1 bd 24 v5.2 bd 25 v5.2 bd 26 v5.1 bd 27 v5.1 bd 28 v5.1 bd 29 v5.1 bds 20-29 (latest version of all boards)
bd 30 v5.1 bd 31 v5.1 bd 32 v5.3 bd 33 v5.2 bd 34 v5.3 bd 35 v5.2 bd 36 v5.2 bd 37 v5.3 bd 38 v5.2 bd 39 v5.4 bds 30-39 (latest version of all boards)
bd 40 v5.2
bd 41 v5.3 bd 42 v5.1 bd 43 v5.1 bd 44 v5.2 bd 45 v5.2 bd 46 v5.2 bd 47 v5.2 bd 48 v5.1 bd 49 v5.1 bds 40-49 (latest version of all boards)
bd 50 v5.1
bd 51 v5.1 bd 52 v5.1 bd 53 v5.1 bd 54 v5.1 bd 55 v5.2 bd 56 v5.0 bd 57 v5.1 bd 58 v5.0 bd 59 v5.0 bds 50-59 (latest version of all boards)
bd 60 v5.1
bd 61 v5.0
bd 62 v5.0
bd 63 v5.0
bd 64 v1.1
bd 65 v1.0
bd 66 v5.0

bds 60-66 (latest version of all boards)
bd a v5.0
bd b v5.0 bd c v5.0 bd d v5.0 bd e
bd f  v5.1 bd g v5.1 bd h v5.0

bds a-h (latest version of all boards)
bd p v5.0

bd q v5.0 bd r v5.0
bd s v5.0
bd t v5.1 bd u
bd v v5.1 bd w v5.1 bd x v5.1 bd y
bd z
bds p-z (latest version of all boards)
bd 1a v2.1 bd 1b v2.0 bd 2a v2.2 bd 2b v2.2 bd 3a v2.3 bd 3b v2.2 bd 4a v5.5
bd 4b v5.4
bd NUL v1.0
bd NULV v1.0
bd 5a v5.3
bd 5b v5.3
bd 6a v5.3
bd 6b v5.2

bds 1a-6b (latest version of all boards)

What products did all of these boards come in?
           Check out Reid Hutchinson's spreadsheet here

When will the rest of the boards be SK-ized?

As per MMP, the following boards will be released in Starter Kit style with the following modules:
  • For King and Country v2 - boards 6,7,10,12,13,14,15 and 32
  • Doomed Battalions v3 - boards 9, 11, 33, 44, and 45, plus "3 sheets of terrain overlays"
  • PTO Reprint Module (Code of Bushido & Gung Ho!) - boards 34-39 and 47, as well as overlays 1-6, B1-B5, Be1-7, Ef1-3, G1-5, GT, M1-5, O1-5, OC1-4, P1-5, RP1-5, Wd1-5, X6
  • Hollow Legions v3 - [presumably the desert boards (25-31) and overlays - Tom]
  • Note - MMP has never expressed or implied that DASL boards will ever receive SK-style treatment - Tom

What's up with the Desert boards? Why no v5 versions yet?
We have picked out a nice set of v5 desert colors, but it seemed like a low-priority issue to apply them to the existing (v4) VASL boards, since the resulting boards would be pretty indistinguishable from the SK-style desert boards that eventually come out and get VASLized. Shrug. Probably going to reverse that decision at some point and just push out what we have, figuring people will upgrade to the new SK-style VASL boards when the new SK-style desert boards come out in hardcopy.