Welcome to the Viroqua Area School Health Office Page
Kim Sellers, RN-School Nurse
Deb Deaver - Health Aide

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00-2:00

(unless I'm away at a meeting or education/training)

Here you will find the latest information from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction School Nursing and Health Services, 

CDC guidelines pertaining to school health, information on when to keep your child home from school due to a sickness, 

school health policies, school health forms, and general health information for school aged children.


Contact Information:

Elementary School:  (608) 637-1103

Middle/High School: (608) 637-1509

E-Mail: selkim@viroqua.k12.wi.us

Please feel free to contact me with any health related questions or concerns that you may have about your child.  

Please leave a detailed message if I am unable to answer and I will return your call as soon as possible!

School Nursing Services Provided in Partnership with
Vernon Memorial Healthcare 



Stay tuned!


*Influenza A - there have been a few diagnosed/confirmed cases of Influenza A going around.  Please keep your child home if you suspect they could have the flu.  Also remember to use proper hand hygiene, cover your cough, do not share items such as drinking cups, chap-stick, utensils.

*A few cases of strep have been making their way around the school. Please monitor your child if they are complaining of sore throat or other strep like symptoms.  

*Many students have been in with headaches and stomach aches.  Some of them also have low grade fevers.  Please remember to keep your child home if they have a fever over 100 or if they are having episodes of vomiting or diarrhea. Kids must be fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of fever reducers such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen before they should return to school. 


Is your child up to date? Please take the time to review the current immunization guidelines per the State of Wisconsin.  Parents will be notified by the school if any child is missing or in need of any required immunizations