Der Clou! - SDL Port


Original version by

neo Software Produktions GmbH

Port by

Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

Thanks to

  • Thomas Trummer for the HSC music code and valuable insight
  • Jens Granseuer for patches and bug reports

Please read the license summary and the neo license before proceeding.

Download Source Code

There are no binary packages available at this moment.

Der Clou! - SDL Port requires SDL 1.2.4 to install.


To run the game type 'derclou'.

Here is the command line usage:

        derclou [-h] [-d[<num>]] [-f] [-m<num>] [-s<num>]
        -d[<num>]  - enable debug output (debug level [1])
        -f         - fullscreen mode
	-g<mode>   - graphics mode (normal,2x,linear2x)
        -h         - show help
        -m<num>    - set music volume to <num> (0-255)
        -s<num>    - set sfx volume to <num> (0-255)
        -t         - trainer


  • The game autodetects the following data files:
    • Der Clou!
    • Der Clou! CD-ROM
    • Der Clou! Profidisk
    • Der Clou! Profidisk CD-ROM

    PC version only.

    It also autodetects the language: German/English/French/Spanish/Slovak.

  • The game tries to load the datafiles from the directory pointed by the environment variable 'DERCLOU_ROOTDIR'. Failing that it will try to load them from the current directory.

    (DERCLOU_ROOTDIR seems busted. Please use the current directory for now.)

    The free datafiles (German) can no longer be downloaded from the neo website. The website has been down for some time. I put these files in a tarball here (2.3M).

    Just 'cd' into the created directory and run 'derclou' to play.

  • The English datafiles have not been released by neo Software since they do not own the copyright for them. Not that you should have much trouble finding them...


Mouse control does not work properly. Please use the keys for now.


If you like this software please contact neo Software Produktions GmbH and help me persuade them to re-release the source code under an actual open source license like the GNU GPL. Be nice to them.