VASA - Skandia 549






20Jan2014          7:30 p.m. MEETING  at  DCC                                

                              Annual Reports

                              Installation of Officers                                          

17Mar2014         7:30 p.m. MEETING  at  DCC

21Apr2014       7:30 p.m. MEETING  at  DCC

                       Initiation of New Members                              

03May2014         11:00 a.m. MEETING at Vasa Park

                               ELECTION of Land Committee

                               6:00 p.m. Vasa Park POTLUCK - Brothers Cook

07Jun2014       11:00 a.m. MEETING at Vasa Park 

                       Initiation of New Members, Cultural Awards

21Jun2014         Mid  Summer Celebrations Vasa Park

05Jul2014           11:00 a.m. MEETING at Vasa Park

6July2014        6-12 Vasa Children’s Camp – Vasa Park 

                       Lee Ann & Lincoln McLeod   

26Jul2014        Dance - Hosted by Third Row     

02Aug2014        2-4th Heritage Days – Edmonton

09Aug2014       Land Committee Family  

                             Activity   Event

16Aug2014        Vasa Golf Tournament  Don & Marj Samuleson

06Sept2014     11:00 a.m. MEETING at Vasa Park

                      Initiation of New Members 

                      Capturing Memories at Vasa Park”; 

                       professional family photos at Vasa Park

04Oct2014         11:00 a.m. MEETING at Vasa Parks

09Nov2014         Scandinavian Christmas Market at DCC   11:00-4:00

Nov2014             Lucia Rehearsal TBD call Celia at 780-239-4150 

17Nov2014        7:30 p.m. MEETING  at DCC 

                              Planning for 2015,  Cultural Awards

13Dec2014       6:00  Christmas Party at DCC 

15Dec2014     7:30 p.m. MEETING  at DCC 

                      Election of Officers

                             Initiation of New Members, Festivities of the Season

                             85th Anniversary Celebration

19Jan2015         7:30 p.m. MEETING at DCC

                             Annual Reports, Installation of Officers




 Children's Club 



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