Bence Máté

Jeune prodige hongrois de la photographie nature

Hungarian photographer excels at international competition

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Bence Máté, a wildlife photographer, succeeded in catching an astonishingly beautiful moment with his camera and his photo won him first prize in the wildlife photograph category in this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

The 25-year-old photographer beat 4,500 competitors with his outstanding photograph. Bence Máté's favourite themes are birds in the wild and celestial phenomena. The photographer has enjoyed a close affinity with nature since he was very young and still spends most of his time in the open air.  

The young photographer won his first major prize in 2000. Ten years ago he won the title of "Young Photographer of the Year" in the naturArt Year wildlife photography competition, and following this, in 2001, one of his photographs was for the first time included in the selection for the exhibition of the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition.  

After his early success the young man continually honed his skills. Wildlife photographer Dr Zsolt Kalotás, the founding president of naturArt, wrote of Bence Máté on his webpage that "he developed ‘the Bence Máté style' unique to his work and with his novel ideas and surprising technical solutions he has breathed new life into bird photography, and learning from his example this approach - according to which birds should only be photographed in action and while engaged in their typical behaviour - has gained ever greater ground in domestic wildlife photography".

In 2002 Bence Máté was awarded the BBC's "The Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2002" title, then in 2005 he won the Eric Hosking Award for the most professionally accomplished wildlife photographers under 26, going on to win the award again in 2007.

During this period he was "The Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year" in Hungary on five occasions, and in 2006 he won the main prize in naturArt's "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition.

Thanks to birds, his favourite photographic theme, he was selected as "Bird Photographer of the Year" in Europe in 2005.

After finishing his studies he started his own business organizing guided bird photography tours.