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Windows Azure

  • The Windows Azure Platform is a group of cloud technologies to be used by applications running in Microsoft’s data centers, on-premises and on various devices
    • Windows Azure OS, Azure AppFabric (Service Bus, Access Control), SQL Azure, Windows Azure Table
  • Azure AppFabricAzure AppFabric services provide typical infrastructure services required by both onpremises and cloud applications
  • Service Bus: It allows applications to expose Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) endpoints that can be accessed from “outside” (that is, from another application not running inside the same location)
  • Access ControlThis service lets you use federated authentication for your service based on a claims based, RESTful model. It also integrates with Active Directory Federation Services, letting you integrate with enterprise/on-premises applications.
  • Windows Azure provides scalable storage in which you can store data. Three key services are provided: binary large object (blob) storage (for storing raw data), semistructured tables, and a queue service
  • Azure’s fabric controller is a piece of highly available, distributed software that runs across all of Windows Azure’s nodes, and monitors the state of every node.