Welcome to VARSA 2012

Variability is the ability of a software system or artifact to be adapted for specific contexts in a preplanned manner. Many of today's software systems are built with variability in mind, e.g., product lines and families, self-adaptive systems, open platforms, or service-based systems with dynamic runtime composition of web services.

Variability is reflected in and facilitated through the software architecture. Also, as the software architecture is a reference point for many development activities and for achieving quality attributes, variability should be treated as a first-class and cross-cutting concern in software architecture. Therefore, VARSA 2012 aims at identifying critical challenges and progressing the state-of-the-art on variability in software architecture.

VARSA 2012 is co-located with the Joint 10th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA) & 6th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA), the premier gathering of practitioners and researchers interested in finding out about and improving the state of practice and advancing the state-of-the-art of software architecture.