VariEze SST-Xperimental

The experimental aircraft I am building is a modified VariEze, a Burt Rutan design. It is a very light (263 kg / 580 lb empty, MTOW 530 kg / 1100 lb) two seat aircraft providing efficient cross country travel (more info ). VariEze aircraft currently hold several FAI General Aviation World Records (see link below). Construction is composite sandwich structure. By late 1983, over 4,300 VariEzes and the larger Long-EZ's had been built or were under construction in the USA, Australia and other countries. The photo above right is Klaus Savier's "Delaminator 111" an efficient and very fast VariEze.

                                                                                                                                                       Clive Johnson

Modifications to enhance the good flight characteristics of my VariEze between it's 42 knot "stalling speed" and 49 knots may include the fitting of vortilons, trailing edge fences, vortex generators or turbulator tape.

VariEze SST-X Photos 

VariEze videos with sound takeoff, stall,  landng

   VariEze FAI World Records

Al Wick's DYI Glass Panel

Over the Airwaves pilot journal

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