Advances in Variational Inference

NIPS 2014 Workshop

13 December 2014  Level 5  Room 510 a

Convention and Exhibition Center, Montreal, Canada

Congratulations, Travel Award Winners!

All of the ISBA@NIPS and NIPS 2014 Workshop on Advances in Variational Inference (WAVI) travel award winners have now been decided.

Category of Invited Paper:
  • ISBA@NIPS Special Travel Award: David Knowles ($1000)
  • 2014 WAVI Travel Award: Sylvain Le Corff ($500)
Category of Contributed Paper:
  • 1st place 2014 WAVI Travel AwardJosip Djolonga ($850) and Tejas Kulkarni (unable to attend)
  • 2nd place (tie) 2014 WAVI Travel Award: Yarin Gal and Alp Kucukelbir ($325 each)
  • Runners-up 2014 WAVI Travel Award: Ryan Giordano, Ben London, Alex Matthews, and Anirban Rowchowdhury (registration fee waiver each)

Application procedure

To apply for any of the travel awards, please send us the following (in addition to your extended abstract submission) in an email to variational[dot]nips2014[at]gmail[dot]com on or before 16 October 2014:
  • A brief (no more than one paragraph) bio
  • Graduation status: either a statement indicating the number of years since the applicant's graduation or a statement indicating the applicant's student status (include department and university affiliations)
The Advances in Variational Inference Workshop Travel Awards are open to all researchers, with a preference for junior researchers.

Note that the recipient of the ISBA@NIPS Special Travel Award must be: a current ISBA member at the time the award is conferred and a graduate student or junior researcher (up to five years after graduation). If you would like to be considered for the ISBA@NIPS award, please be sure to include the following in your application email:
  • ISBA membership status (include the ISBA username or email used for membership)

More details

We have awarded three Advances in Variational Inference Workshop Travel Awards in the category of contributed paper among the applicants who submitted abstracts to the NIPS 2014 Workshop on Advances in Variational Inference. We have also awarded four NIPS 2014 Workshop registration fee waivers to runners up.

The ISBA@NIPS Special Travel Award recipients must be nominated by the organizers of an ISBA-endorsed NIPS 2014 workshop and are ultimately chosen by ISBA. There is expected to be one winner of the ISBA@NIPS Special Travel Award in the category of invited paper and one winner in the category of contributed paper across the ISBA-endorsed NIPS 2014 Workshops. Each award covers travel expenses up to $1000.