Learn Faster using VLC and Youtube

by: Mark van Buskirk

I've found that speeding up lectures can make them more interesting and exciting.
I hypothesize that we humans have a faster download rate than our teacher's upload rates.

    A great example is Prof. Gilbert Strang who has a great course on Linear Algebra on MIT's OCW site. Prof. Strang's teaching style is thoughtful and meticulous which I really appreciate. However, if I were in his class I would get frustrated because I like to listen to the material faster than he presents it. I find that I enjoy Prof. Strang's lectures the most at about 2x the normal speed, and I've found that most lectures are much better at least 1.5x faster than their normal speed. Try it out, you might discover a great new way to learn.

VLC Media Player - 3 Ways of Changing The Playback Rate:

  • Best way: Use the keyboard shortcuts "[" and "]" to change the rate by +-10%.
  • Other Ways: See Video

Adjusting VLC Playback Rate/Speed

(click on video to see it in HD on youtube)

VLC Media Player Download Site:

(VLC is free and open source)

Sample Lecture at 2 different Speeds:

Sample of Lecture at 1.5x

Sample of Lecture at 2x

I find lectures at higher speeds are more easily understood when using a good set of headphones.

Lecture Info:
[Prof. Gilbert Strang], [Linear Algebra], [Spring 2005]. (MIT OpenCourseWare: Massachusetts Institute of Technology), [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Mathematics/18-06Spring-2005/CourseHome/index.htm] (Accessed [January 17, 2009]). License: Creative commons BY-NC-SA

License Link:

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