Varangia's Fighters

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Varangian Council

The Varangian Council makes and enforces all final decisions in the unit, subject to the official Dagorhir rules and Varangia Bylaws. The Council consists of three or more Jarls, each having one vote. Jarls may retire from office or be removed by unanimous vote of the other Jarls, and shall be replaced by a qualified Warrior or Guard chosen by the Council.


It's easy for recruits to become members, as in the Bylaws, by:
1) Creating a battle name (character name)
2) Attending 3 official Varangia events (practices included)
3) Signing the new Membership Agreement
4) Being officially inducted

A member shows dedication to Varangia by attending at least one battle and one other official Varangia event per year, and garbing appropriately for every battle, with the Varangian Cross on all shields.

Benefits of Membership include competitions for unit awards and character advancement to the elevated ranks of Warrior and Guard.


Recruits have fought in Varangian uniform in at least one official Aratari battle.


Jari Kahfghan