Varangian Runestone U 112


Varangia was featured in the University of Maryland news piece on the 2008 Aratari Tournament.

Wreckreation Nation Jan 21, 2009 Discovery Channel Spot
Featured: Dominus, Drinian, Kedric, Kip, Alric, Haldor, Ashmael

Discovery Channel's Wreckreation Nation, Jan 21, 2009, Part 1 (HQ)

Discovery Channel's Wreckreation Nation, Jan 21, 2009, Part 2 (HQ)


Photos thanks to Frothgar, Gronk, and anyone else we are forgetting.

Aratari Post-Thanksgiving Day Battle 2008

Aratari Field Battle, March 2008

Guard-Varangia joint practice, March 2008

September Day Battle 2007

Althyng 2007

More pictures coming soon! See Varangia's Picasa. See also Drinian's Photobucket.


Footage filmed by Varangia can be found at Drinian's YouTube, 
And at Kedric's YouTube,

A selection of some of the best YouTube Dagorhir videos follows:

Mayhem 2008
Althyng 2006 CBS News Report and Interview
Featured: Graymael, Tauron, Dominus, Guntar

Ragnarok XXII 2007

Dagorhir Documentary: Kent State. Rules, history, and more.

Badon Hill I DVD preview -

September Day Battle 2007

Badon Hill 2006 - Wall Charging Madness!

Dagorhir - PM Magazine TV Feature, 1982
Featured: Aratar, Blackhawk, Graymael, Shingar

Dagorhir - Combat compilation, MOTC (Michigan), 2007
Mayhem 2008: Unit battles

Mayhem 2008: Sparring