The design and construction of the following weapons is performed by expert Varangian foamsmiths, but they build on a long tradition of foamsmithing in Dagorhir to create a safe, enjoyable fighting experience:

And since so many weapons rely on pommels, here's a good tutorial from the Dagorhir boards: link

Tips and Tricks

Brother Nolan's Foamsmithing Introduction

Drentha's DAP Guide

Lanicus' Guide to Bending PVC (without irreparable weakening)

Web Tutorials

Certain Dagorhir websites have developed foamsmithing resources of exceptional quality:

Weapons links (low bandwidth friendly, courtesy Kingdom of Anfalas)


Buying materials is not always easy. Here's where to find:

Blue foam (closed cell): Wal-Mart camping mats, but not the scalloped kind
Green foam (open cell): Jo-Ann's Fabrics
Evalite: McMaster-Carr
Fiberglass: Bandshoppe, Smith-Walbridge, WWBW, Max-Gain, Varangian Armory
Duct Tape: local hardware store: get colored electrical tape too!
DAP: buy the can, local hardware store. Reseal TIGHTLY!

Weapons Check: Passing Legal Dagorhir Weapons

Finally, you want to be sure your weapons are Dagorhir-legal!

See the Dagorhir Manual of Arms (you ought to have it memorized by now).

Eryndor FAQ on weapons checking (for Ragnarok XXI, but applies to general Dagorhir events: Ragnarok checks are some of the strictest in the game)