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Welcome to the Varangia home page!

Did you see us on Discovery Channel's Wreckreation Nation? We're also in the 30-second spot now on YouTube. If you're in the Maryland area, click "Contacts" in the left hand column and give us a shout!

We are a group of friends forming a Dagorhir unit based on the Varangian Vikings of eastern Europe and the Byzantine Varangian Guard. In order to be an official group, at least four of our members must have attended six battles in the past twelve months. We are partway there, and we hope to be an official unit by fall 2009. This site is under construction, but feel free to look around! We'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to leave a comment.


Suddenly, the sound of the fierce Viking war cry pierces the woodlands on the shores of the Black Sea. A horde of warriors leaps from the bushes upon their unsuspecting foes. They swing their axes with great speed and fury. Their enemies are swiftly overcome. One of the Vikings shouts to his comrades.
“Another victory for our Varangian kindred!” he exclaims.
“Aye, and for our employer, the Emperor of Byzantium!” another replies.
An Ethiopian in Varangian uniform chimes in, “Long live the Emperor!”
The Vikings reply in a loud chant, “Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!”


Varangia is a group of fighters based on the Varangian Vikings of Eastern Europe (mercenaries to the Byzantine Empire) and the multi-national Varangian Guard (bodyguard to the Byzantine Emperor). Varangian Vikings fought as mercenaries for the Emperor in many battles, often deciding the course of the battle with their furious charges. The Emperors were so impressed with the Varangians' skill that they took some of the best fighters as their own personal bodyguard, the Varangian Guard. This bodyguard later expanded to include Franks, English, Ethiopians, and many other mercenaries from around the world. Varangia tries to recreate this powerful mercenary force in the Dagorhir world.

For its standard, Varangia uses a symbol carved by a Varangian Guardsman into a rock in Greece. It is a Byzantine cross, completely symmetrical, in a modified bottony or "budded" style. Varangia draws the cross in white on cocoa brown and/or hunter green.

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