Varam Stamps and Postal History - introduction

This site is a temporary one, until such time as get proper one up and running. New items will added almost daily, so keep checking in case you see something interesting.
I  have had an interest in stamps from a very young age. Like a lot of people, I collected stamps and stuck them in an album. These were mainly from Great Britain and the Commonwealth. You could 'Starter' packs from the local newsagents. Most of these were 'bog-standard' used current issued stamps. Not worth a lot but they generated an interest. When I think of how we stuck stamps in albums I cringe. The damage done was considerable.
Also like most people, I would suggest, I lost interest after a few years. The albums went, who knows where, but I certainly dont have them now, though I wish I had.
I returned to stamps and First Day Covers in later life, when I started to collect First Day Covers on the date of issue. I usually bought 3 of each, one each for my two children and a third for myself. As I had a very friendly local postmaster, i was also able to collect blocks of stamps, some 'gutter pairs' and some 'traffic light' sets.
A few years ago I started buying stamps and stamp album lots, along with coins, on ebay. I was very lucky and got some nice lots. I also found that the local jumble sales and car boots sales were a good source of material, though this has now dried up, as people are more aware of values.
I have decided to specialise in GB, GB Commonwealth, the Ottoman Empire and issues of Palestine under the British Military and Civil Administrations ( the period before the establishment of the state of Israel).
The collection is mainly covers and other items of Postal History from the Ottoman Empire and a few from Palestine, Great Britain and the USA.