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Passive smokers who live with smokers electronic cigarettes have similar levels of nicotine than those of passive smokers of conventional snuff, according to a pioneering study of the  Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) , presented Tuesday at the 'Day Electronic Cigarettes: Questions open '. This conclusion denies the sector concerned, given that even the existence of a "passive vapeador".

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The researcher and head of Tobacco Control ICO, Esteve Fernández, has presented work showing that "nonsmokers exposed to electronic cigarettes have an  exposure similar to that of non - smokers who live with smokers nicotine to seven conventional cigarettes ", as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Government in a statement.

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Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Antoni Mateu, Health reaffirmed that maintain surveillance on the effects of using electronic cigarettes and propose the central government to join the state regulations the recommendations of the European directive.

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President of the Advisory Council on Smoking in Catalonia, Joan Ramon Villalbí, said the need for the Catalan and Spanish legislation includes "as soon as possible" the precepts of the new European legislation since 26 February this year sets one  within two years for states to regulate the advertising and labeling of electronic cigarettes .

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The Catalan health does not endorse the sale
The Catalan Health  Service (CatSalut) banned the use, promotion and sale of electronic cigarettes  on the public network of centers, services and establishments of Catalonia earlier this year, considering that  the proliferation of these devices may compromise progress made in recent years  in denormalisation snuff in society, and the lack of security in their consumption.

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"No study has demonstrated the safety of its use nor for people who consume them or to others in their environment," he alleged the CatSalut, who added that there is no evidence scientifically proven certifying that the electronic cigarette is useful for give up smoking.

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The industry denies the figure of "passive vapeador"

Meanwhile, the  National Association of Electronic Cigarette (ANCE)  denies that the smoke electronic cigarettes have an impact on nonsmokers to withstand exposure to steam.

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"In the vaping there is no figure of 'passive vapeador' as  vapor electronic cigarette poses no risk to the health  of other people in the room , " said the company, referring to various articles in scientific journals France, United States, Greece and Germany.

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ANCE notes that  the 'vaping' no combustion occurs , as a condensation occurs when snuff smoke, but arguing that "water vapor does not pollute or harm the other people present."

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"Also, when comparing the emanation of an electronic cigarette and a traditional cigar, it was concluded that the steam device is removed from the atmosphere within a maximum of 11 seconds," said ANCE, noting that smoke snuff takes, on average , about 20 minutes away completely, "that is, 110 times longer than the vapor electronic cigarette".

In figures provided by ANCE,  in Spain there are 800,000 users of electronic cigarettes , more than 3,100 outlets and superior electronic cigarette sales to 24.6 million euros in 2013, to which must be added about 4,000 tobacconists They are marketing this product.

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