Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

While the question has been raging on since vape pens have been growing in popularity, the question of whether the health benefits are overstated or whether there are hidden health risks associated with using vaporizer pens remains unanswered. There have been many studies lately that show that vaping is actually much healthier than smoking cigarettes due to the absence of combustible ingredients. British doctors have concluded that vaporizers do in fact negate many negative health effects over smoking. Another British experiment concluded that using a vaporizer pen is effective in helping to quit smoking. Health organizations around the world have came out and formally made a quote praising the potential health effects of vaping. It's quite remarkable how quickly the vaporizer market has grown in the past decade. Cigarette companies have released their version to face this competition, in analog cigarettes. These are not to be confused with vaporizer pens, as there are some definitive alterations between these two products. When surveying a cross section of 100 people, the results found that 67% of people thought there were little to no negative health effects of using vape pens. This suggests that the public opinion on these products could account for a huge part of why the popularity has soared. Cigarette smokers are at an all time low, and this is no doubt playing a huge role in that aspect. For more information on this, visit: