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Who Are They? is the one stop for all the people seeking e-cigarettes and vaping accessories. The company staff is itself the users of the selling products so they are providing the top-rated stuff only. 

What Are They Selling at

At you get all what you need related to e-cigarettes and vaping. They offer wide range of products including:
Diverse kinds of e-cigarette
Refills of different flavors
Disposable cigarettes
Vaporizers of different varieties
E-liquid of variant flavors
Accessories like charger, charger case, adaptors, batteries, kits, apparel etc.

As compared to other brands, Vapage e-cigarette is made up of horizontally-oriented atomizing coil, which allows 100 % consumption of e-liquid and better taste than vertically-oriented e-cigarettes of other brands.
Refill Cartomizers

Vapage refill cartomizer use a press fit medical grade silicone rubber gasket, which pinches the atomizing coil between terminals at the base of cartomizer, hence providing a realistic smoking experience without changing the flavor.

Flavored Disposable Barfly Electronic Cigarettes

With a range of flavors and colorful LEDs at the end, barfly e-cigarettes offer a superb tasting with over 350 puffs to its smokers so that they can enjoy vaping on the go. It comes in 18 different flavors including classic tobacco, blue forest, menthol, coffee, strawberry and red tobacco.


Various kinds of vaporizers are offered by Vapage to provide its customers a new class of electronic cigarettes for more control and vapor. Mekanik, Titan, Duo and VMOD/VMOD-XL are some of the famous vaporizers that are ideal for heavy smokers for customizing voltage and e-liquid percentage according to their needs.


Vapage e-liquids contain different amounts of nicotine, which can be used by smokers with drips, mods, crystals and other vaping systems. E-liquids are available in 15ml bottles of various flavors, including red tobacco, classic tobacco, menthol, blue forest, coffee and other different flavors.

Premium Tanks

With top-quality customizable atomizers and stock tanks, smokers can fill these premium tanks with any e-liquid of their choice to turn it into vapor for inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Does Good? is a single place to get the best e-cigarettes and vaping product. The combustion of these e-cigarettes involves water-like vapors that are not harmful for the health as the regular cigarette but enough to fulfill the needs. The vapor is similar that is produce by the fog machines in the movies.
Some of the products that they offer contain nicotine, so to make sure that the product goes in the right hands, the company verifies the age of the user and only ship the product when the person is above age 18. 

Vapage offers starter kits like any other company. These kits contain all the things required to have e-cigarettes. Along with these special cigarettes, you will also get extra pre-filled carts so you can have the great start. 

Most of the companies in this line are selling more or less the same product range. You will also get the minute difference at Vapage. The major difference you get here is of price and quality - Vapage claims that they are providing the top quality products with best price range. 

Vapage Best Seller Products

Vapage Premium E-Cigarettes Kit:

Vapage Premium E-Cigarettes Kit is the complete kit that offers three batteries, ten Cartomizers, USB charger, wall charger, car adaptor along with the warranty card. There are 5 classic tobacco flavor having 18 mg nicotine and 5 red tobacco flavor having the same amount of nicotine. Vapage guarantees perfect flavor and thick vapor so you can have the best time.

Cig2O E-Cigarette Kits:

Cig2o are the e-cigarettes that provide improved smoking experience with rich flavors. These high quality vapors have extremely thick vapor without any smoke and tar like normal cigarette. This is the next generation of cigarette which is available in diverse exciting flavors. Vapage offers Cig2o in these flavors: Menthol, Classic Menthol, Tobacco, Classic Tobacco and Red Tobacco. With these cigarettes, you are getting the top taste with rich flavor but there is no smoke, no tar, no ash and no burning odor. The flavoring selection is diverse and you can enjoy the smoking any time. You will surely enjoy the uniqueness.

VMOD 2.0 Premium Kit:

The company claims that it has all you need. It is the most popular Bottom Feeder that fulfills your vaping demands of the whole day. It is a small and easy to carry tool that can go where you go. If you are fed up with dripping extra then it is the right tool for you. It comes with V-Mod 2.0 along with 1 Silo 2.2 ohm Vapage Cartomizer and 1 Hybrid 2.0ohm Vapage Atomizer (510 thread). It has two 4ml e-liquid bottles and two batteries with one battery charger and wall charger. The firing button comes with mechanical lock-out and you remain mess free.

BARFLY Disposable E-Cigarette:

BARFLY Disposable E-Cigarettes, as the name indicates, are the disposable cigarettes having 18+ flavors. They have the strength of 18 mg nicotine. You can select from diverse flavors. Menthol, tobacco, vanilla cream, cinnamon, apple, cherry, strawberry, watermelon, and so much more flavors are available. The taste is smooth and they are available easily at the affordable rates. These e-cigarettes are made to provide perfect vaping experience to the users.


UTURN is personal premium vaporizer. To provide you with the options, Vapage offers eGo batteries of variable voltage. They are available in the 650 & 1300 mAh Kits. There are five different colors of the batteries so you can have the one in your favorite color. With this product, Vapage completes its mission to provide the top vaping materials that are available in the market today. One UTURN achievement is its UTURN Replacement Battery. It is the biggest and stylish battery available. As the competition is high in the market, the batteries are created and made with the top-quality material to eliminate the competition by proving no.1 in the quality and style. The size of the battery along with the power is made by keeping customers’ needs in mind and the end product just matched the requirement of all.

All things considered, Vapage offers high-quality e-cigarettes with a range of flavors to choose from; it also offers an extensive lineup of outstanding accessories with great customer support. The products are available at an affordable price and offer a great smoking experience to its users. The company strives for the best and has thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

A Quick Review:

Website layout:

The website is very user friendly. On the top of the website pages, you will see the product categories and options like Account, Log In, Sign Up, Customer Service etc. On the bottom of the page, you will get the options: Useful Vapage Links, Vapage e-cigarette, Useful Cig2o Links, and Premier Vaping Mods.

Shopping processing:

Select the product that you want to buy and click ‘add to cart’. You can also compare the product with other products. Shop more if you want otherwise click ‘proceed to checkout’. Provide your personal and billing information and place the order.

Orders & Shipping

After placing your order you can easily track your order status by visiting Just enter your ‘Order Number’ and ‘Phone number or email address’ to track your order. The company offers free shipping on the orders of $50 or more. Orders can take 1-7 business days to reach depending upon your location.

Customer Service and Online Support:

When you need to know about any product or require any help you can contact customer service representatives of Vapage by the following ways.
Call: You can call at 805-309-2400 Monday to Friday from 9-5 PST. For Cig2o Warranty, call at 805-309-2777.
Fax: You can send the fax at 805-666-2561.
E-mail: Send the email at
Warranty Registration: You can fill in the form at

If you have any general question then you can also search it on the FAQ page

Why We Should Buy E Cig at

There are many reasons to trust Vapage.

Quality products: The company claims to invest a lot in the research before the launch of any product. The products are tested diversely before they reach you.
Ingredients’ Selection: The major ingredients are sourced in Texas and then sent overseas for finalization.
Safe online shopping: Vapage is SSL certified so you can be sure that your billing information will remain safe.

Return Policy: The unused items can be returned within 14-day of purchase.

Warranty: The company offers very good warranty policy so you don’t have to be worried about batteries, chargers etc. when placing your order.

Finally, E-cigarettes are not harmful for the health as the regular cigarettes and latest studies have proven it. Leaving the cigarette is not easy, but people starting with e-cigarettes have the better chance. is the one great place to initiate this step. It offers all the required products of great quality. 

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Save Up to 60% Off on On Select Caromizers, Refills and E-Cigs at

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