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The  Nanny Fan Fics

 Unexpected Chances                     Niles finds CC married but has he missed his chance?

Unexpected Problems                           Niles and CC must face a series of problems

Cookie Magic                                     A cookie, blonde, butler what will happen? (Rated R)

False Start                                          CC is getting married, but will Niles let her? (Rated R)

Revolution                                          Max, Niles, Fran and CC during the American Revolution

Outlaws                                              Max, Fran, Niles and CC during the time of the wild west

Twisted                                               When Fran and Max make a bet things get alittle twisted!

Childish Dreams                              Max finds Fran living in Paris, but what is she hiding?

Texas Revolution                              Max, Niles, Fran, and CC during the Texas Revolution

Calling All Angels                             CC and Fran find an odd statue that has interesting side effects.

Twisted Destiny                                 What if Fran's life had been different?

Star Fall                                              Maxwell fights to save Fran's life

The Great War                                   Max,Niles, Fran and CC during World War I

Fae's Series

 A Fae's Curse                                  Niles learns of a family curse, and a strange power.

A Fae's Blood                                    CC learns something about her family.

A Fae's Hope                                     A Fae orb causes all sorts of problems!

A Fae's Nightmare                           Can CC and Niles stop Avalon from being reborn?

A Fae's Past                                      Niles and CC find themselves in the past.

A Fae's Heart                                     It's time for a wedding!

Storm's Series

 Passion                                             Niles's hurt knee leads to something more.

Secrets                                                Niles and CC learn about a hidden secret.

Storms                                                Now the secret is out! The storm is finally here.

Aftermath                                            CC pays Maxwell back!

Justice                                                 BB finally faces justice for her sins.

What If?                                               What if Maxwell had read that letter sooner? 

Westward                                            Takes place after the events in Justice

Lady Pirates Series

Lady Pirates                                      CC and Fran are Lady Pirates!

Curse of Revenge                            An old foe comes back as CC and Fran settle down with Max and Niles.

Legacy                                               Is this really the last sea adventure?

Masked Weekend Series

Hunter's Moon                                   A hunt, a mask! CC finds herself in the arms of a White Stag

Night Magic                                       A hunt, a mask! Maxwell runs after a White Dove

Generations Epic (N/CC The saga of five generations of one family)Family Tree Click Here!

Origins of Light Series

 Origin of Shadows                        Lucas Morgan fights for the love of Jasmine Evans while Lucy deals with being married to John Babcock.

Origin of Secrets               Lucy must fight her growing feelings for Thomas while Nick and Stuart try to figure out who Nick's parents are.

Origin of Desire                      Nick discovers love while Stuart comes home with his new wife

 Origin Of Fire                      The Babock children are sent away after BB faces them!

Origin of a Phoenix                 CC enjoys a few months by Gram's side before leaving for her studies at Oxford.  

Phoenix Fire Series

 The Long Summer                                CC Babcock travels to London to study at Oxford.

The Summer That Didn't Happen  C.C. returns home and prepares herself for college, but something stands in her way.

The Hard Part                             C.C. finishes her summer intership and finds her first job, but Maxwell still needs her help

Neglect Becomes Our Ally                    Niles prepares for his wedding while CC faces her old friend

The Long Road Back                            Niles can no longer fight his desire for CC.  Lucas finds his answers in London.

Ashes and Rebirth                      CC gives into her feelings, and Niles learns the truth about a certain young man.

Knight and Hellcats Series

Knight's Away                                 Niles and CC must deal with Lucas away, and DD Babcock returns with an old friend.

HellCats Roar                                Lucas is reported missing and the Babcock sisters share a painful secret

Hellfire and Chaos                        Nick must deal with the fall out of his greatest mistake

Unending Circles Series

 Flame Of A Phoenix                      One moment in time changes the lives of the Babcock, Butler, Forest and Morgan familes

 The Long Summer Redux           CC has to face aging while Lucy, Morgan, Sam, Jonah, and William study in London

Past Fights                                     An old foe returns! Morgan and Lucy's actions cause unease with Butler's and Forest Families.

Song Bird's Landing                   Lucas finally learns to love again. CC and Niles make peace with Katherine

The Gods Must Be Crazy     Niles and C.C. must face an interesting new addition to their family.

Nothing I've Ever Known (M/F) series

 Part One                                         Fran runs after one night of passion with Maxwell

Part Two                                          Bryan works to bring both Fran and Maxwell back together.

Part Three                                       Fran must work to overcome her injuries as Maxwell plans the wedding of a lifetime


The Pretender Fan  Fics


Ethan's Escape                Ethan escapes the Centre team only to find his sister and brother in trouble

Jarod's Desire                  Jarod dreams of one woman, but who is she? (Rated R)

The Mask                                  Miss Parker finds herself drawn to a maked stranger

Hawk's Talon                           Lyle's new project escapes.