Vanuatu Very Short Film Festival is now open for entries.


 The Festival is an initiative of  local NGO Oxfam International  Vanuatu and aims to showcase the rising talent in local film making. This year’s theme is ‘black and white’ which you can be interpreted anyway you like.


 “I want to encourage lots of ni-Vanuatu entries” said Oxfam Youth Officer, Nelly Willy. “We don’t care about the quality, if you have an interesting story that you can tell in less than 3 minutes we want to see your film.”



Vanuatu short film festival i announce start long tedei se entries blong 2008 festival I officially open.

Festival hemi wan tingting we  I kam out long wan local NGO Oxfam International- Vanuatu. Bigfala tingting behaen long hem hemi blong leftemap talent blong ol local people blong hoa blong mekem wan film.

“Mi wantem encouragem ol Ni Vanuatu blong tekem part long hem. Nelly Willy Youth Development Officer blong Oxfam I talem. “Mifala I no care long quality blong film, spos yu gat wan interesting story we yu wantem talem long less or 3 minutes, mifala I wantem look film blong yu”