Acoustic MUSIC Records (NR. 319.1366.2)

"Everything on this lovely recording is shaped and phrased so, so
beautifully, the overall sound and various tonal colors again are so
beautiful - rich and powerful when needed, delicate and sparkly and every
thing in between. But of course I am not really surprised by this because I
know the artist and have always known that she is a musician's musician -
still so rare on the classical guitar.
Except for Andrew York's exuberant piece, I was not familiar with any of
these works. So I found it so beautiful and special to be taken by the hand
so to speak and personally guided through this wonderful sonic landscape for
the first time - everything so fresh, so lovingly presented with such
sincere conviction."

 A. Kelly, Guitars International. U.S.A

Dusan Bogdanovic: Levantine Suite

Andriy Andrushko

Atanas Ourkouzounov: Fairy Tale

Olaf Tarenskeen

Dale Kavanagh: Three pieces

Erik Otte

Andrew York

Guitar music of South America