Davide Vannoni

Born in Torino (Italy), July 15, 1970.


University of Torino

Dipartimento di Scienze Economico-Sociali e Matematico-Statistiche

Corso Unione Sovietica 218 bis, Torino, Italy

Phone: ++ 39-011-6706083;

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-       1993        First Degree in Economics at the University of Turin

-       1997        Master in Economics at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK)

-       1999        PhD in Economics at the University of Turin

Present Position:

-       2015-current  Vice Director at the Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Torino.

-       2011-current      Full Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Torino.

-       1999-current      Research Fellow at CERIS-CNR, Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth (National Council of Research, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri.

-       2003-current      Research Fellow at HERMES, Higher Education Research in Mobility Regulation and the Economics of Local Services, Moncalieri, Torino

-       2010-2016 Research Affiliate at COLLEGIO CARLO ALBERTO, Moncalieri, Torino.

-       2016-current Fellow at COLLEGIO CARLO ALBERTO, Moncalieri, Torino


-       Member of the EARIE, European Association for Research in Industrial Economics

-       Member of SIEPI (Italian Association of Industrial Economics)

-       Member of SIE (Italian Association of Economics)

Previous Positions

-       1996                    Scholarship at Ceris-CNR

-       1999                    Post-doc scholarship at the University of Turin

-       1999-2001          Assistant Professor in Economics - University of Pavia       

-       2001-2011          Associate Professor of Applied Economics – University of Torino                                      

Teaching experiences:

·         Microeconomics, University of Pavia, 1999-2001 and University of Turin, since 2004

·         Industrial Economics, University of Pavia, 1999-2001 and MBA at University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, 2003-2005

·         Economics of the Firm, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, 1999-2002

·         Industrial Organisation, Phd program at the University of Pavia, 2000-2001 and Msc Economics at Coripe (University of Turin), since 2005

·         Economics, Master MEDEA at Fondazione Enrico Mattei, Milan, in 2000.

·         Managerial Economics, University of Turin, in 2002 and MBA ESCP-EAP (University of Turin), since 2005

·         Applied Economics, University of Turin, 2002-2004

·         Introductory Economics, University of Turin, 2002-2004  

·         Advanced Microeconomics, University of Turin, 2005-2010.

·         Advanced Industrial Organization, University of Turin, since 2008.


International Journal of Industrial Organization, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Information Economics and Policy, Economica, Energy Policy, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Analysis, Transportation Research part A, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Managerial and Decision Economics, Review of Industrial Organization, Applied Economics, The Manchester School, Small Business Economics, Southern Economic Journal, Health Care Management Science, Economics Bulletin, Transport Policy, Economic Notes, Rivista Italiana degli Economisti, L’Industria, Economia e Politica Industriale, Economia dei Servizi, Review of Economics and Institutions, Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics.

Main publications:

.    Devicienti F., Grinza E., Manello, A., Vannoni D. (2018) “What Are the Benefits of Having more Female Leaders? Evidence from the Use of Part-Time Work in Italy", Industrial & Labor Relations Review, forthcoming

.    Cisi M., Devicienti F., Manello, A., Vannoni D. (2018) "The Advantages of Formalizing Networks: New Evidence from Italian SMEs", Small Business Economics, forthcoming

.    Devicienti F., Grinza E., Vannoni D. (2018) “The Impact of Part-Time Work on Firm Productivity:Evidence from Italy”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 27, 2, 321-347.

.    Devicienti F., Manello A., Vannoni D. (2017) "Technical Efficiency, Unions and Decentralized Labor Contracts" European Journal of Operational Research, 260, 1129-1141.

.    Baldi S., Vannoni D. (2017) "The Impact of Centralization on Pharmaceutical Procurement Prices: The Role of Institutional Quality and Corruption", Regional Studies, 51, 3, 426-438. 

.   Abrate G., Erbetta F., Fraquelli G., Vannoni D. (2016) “Bet Big on Doubles, Bet Smaller on Triples. Exploring Scope Economies in Multi-Service Passenger Transport Companies”,

Transport Policy, 52, 81-88. 

.      Abrate G., Erbetta F., Fraquelli G., Vannoni D. (2015) “The Costs of Corruption in the Italian Solid Waste Industry”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 24, 2, 439-465.

·       Abrate G., Erbetta F., Fraquelli G., Vannoni D. (2014) “Size and Density Economies in Refusal Collection”, Chapter in Kinnaman T. and Takeuchi K. (eds.), Handbook on Waste Management, Edward Elgar, Chapter 16, 416-441.

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 Work in Progress:

·     Abrate G., Boffa F., Erbetta F., Vannoni D. (2018) “Voters' Information, Corruption, and the Efficiency of Local Public Services", submitted  
. Cisi M., Devicienti F., Manello, A., Vannoni D. (2018) “Network Agreements and Firms’ Economic Performance”, submitted.
. Grinza E., Devicienti F., Rossi M., Vannoni D. (2018) “How Entry into Parenthood Shapes Gender role Attitudes: New Evidence from Longitudinal UK Data”, submitted.

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