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Introducing myself:

I am a full professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Torino (Italy), Fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto (Torino) and Research Fellow at IRCrES I received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Torino. My main areas of research are in industrial organization and applied microeconometrics. At the university of Torino, I teach industrial organization and managerial economics.


Selected publications:

Cisi M., Devicienti F., Manello, A., Vannoni D. (2018) “The advantages of formalizing networks: New evidence from Italian SMEs”, 
Small Business Economics
, forthcoming.

Devicienti F., Grinza E., Manello, A., Vannoni D. (2018) “What Are the Benefits of Having more Female Leaders? Evidence from the Use of Part-Time Work
Italy", Industrial & Labor Relations Review, forthcoming.

Abrate G., Boffa F., Erbetta F., Vannoni D. (2018) “Voters’ Information, Corruption, and the Efficiency of Local Public Services”,
Sustainability, 10
(12), 4775; https://doi.org/10.3390/su10124775.
Devicienti F., Grinza E., Vannoni D. (2018) “The Impact of Part-Time Work on Firm Productivity: Evidence from Italy”, 
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Devicienti F., Manello A., Vannoni D. (2017) "Technical Efficiency, Unions and Decentralized Labor Contracts"
European Journal of Operational Research, 260, 1129-1141.
Baldi S., Vannoni D. (2017) “The Impact of Centralization on Pharmaceutical Procurement Prices: The Role of Institutional Quality and Corruption”, 
Regional Studies
51, 3, 426-438.
Abrate G., Erbetta F., Fraquelli G., Vannoni D. (2016) “Bet Big on Doubles, Bet Smaller on Triples. Exploring Scope Economies in Multi-Service 
Passenger Transport Companies”, Transport Policy, 52, 81-88.

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Menozzi A., Urtiaga M. G., Vannoni D. (2012) “Board Composition, Political Connections and Performance in State-Owned Enterprises”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 21 (3), 671-698.

Bottasso A., Conti M., Piacenza M., Vannoni D. (2011) “The Appropriateness of the Poolability Assumption for Multi-Product Technologies”, International Journal of Production Economics, 130, 1, 112-117.

Razzolini T., Vannoni D. (2011) “Export Premia and Subcontracting Discount. Passive Strategies and Performance in Domestic and Foreign Markets”, The World Economy, 34, 6, 984-1013.

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Abrate G., Piacenza M., Vannoni D. (2009) “The Impact of Integrated Tariff Systems on Public Transport Demand: Evidence from Italy”, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39 (2), pp. 120-127.


Dipartimento di Scienze Economico-Sociali e Matematico-Statistiche

Scuola di Management ed Economia, Università di Torino

Corso Unione Sovietica 218bis, 10134 TORINO (Italy), 

Tel: +39 011 6706083

email: davide.vannoni@unito.it