Hello! In case you needed to know how these 'toons are produced, Step One is to get an Idea — an idea can come from anywhere — you might have a punchline, and build a story to that, or you dream up a complete story, or you just have a title you like, you might have a dream that you recall, there might be something in this world that irritates you and you want to build a story around, and so forth forever.

Step Two is to rough out your story on notepaper:

Step Three is to do a pencil version on your drawing (I use 70 lb Bristol drawing paper, a #2 pencil, and a "Magic Rub" eraser):

...Notice that I reduced the word-count — it was "Along came the World Wide Dweeb, and little Edwina's masterpiece could go online," but I decided that used up too much space. Also, and this happens all the time, I added a little joke at the end about Edwina naming her drawing "The Death of the Web." This is arguably the only joke here, and helps to save the 'toon...

Step Four (for me) is to ink the words, for which I use a Staedtler "Mars professional" technical pen (.5mm), just because it has a nice consistent line.

...Once that's dry (a couple of minutes) it's time for the final inking, Step Five, for which I use a Namiki Falcon (SuperFine) and Noodler's "Heart of Darkness" Black fountain pen ink.

After inking, I use the "Magic Rub" eraser to erase the pencil marks, then scan the 'toon into the Mac, open it in Photoshop Elements, and color it.

This concludes our lecture, tea and cookies will be served in the lounge...