KMS Sales

Kids Mega Sale dates for 2016

All Sales are @ Pearkes Arena from 9:30 to 12:30 (general public) 

February 4, 2017
June 3, 2017


Everyone is welcome at our sales. Arrive early for the best selection!

We accept cash only and small bills are preferred.

Sellers — general

All sellers (members and non-members) must register to sell at each sale. The deadline to register for every sale is one week prior to that particulat sale date. Please contact the KMS coordinator @

We do not rent tables to organizations and businesses.

During the sale
Please sign up to help either with setup or take down as well as some time during the sale itself. Call Karen to sign up.

Attach your tags with safety pins. (No staples or stick pins). Please be aware of how much tape you use, it’s very hard for cashiers to remove tape! Contact Karen Willson for a copy of the tag template and for more information.

Prices must be rounded to the dollar or .50¢. i.e.$2.00 or $2.50. Do not use $2.25,$2.99 etc. Please do not mark tags "$25 each or 2 for $40." Please mark each item separately. If an item is free please mark it "FREE." Do not mark an item "Top $2.00, pants FREE", this causes confusion at the cash tables.

All pricing and/or tagging must be done before your items are brought to the sale.
Car Seat standards
As most of you are already aware, as of Jan 1st, 2012 updated child car seat safety regulations come into force. If you want to give away or resell car seats or booster seats made before January 1, 2012, we ask that you contact the manufacturer to determine if the car seat meets the updated requirements. The manufacturer is currently best able to determine the seat's compliance. If the seat is not compliant please note that the seat can't be resold or given away. For more information please contact Health Canada 1-866-662-0666. 
Clothing standards
Please make sure your items are clean and in good shape. If there’s an imperfection, and it is still sale worthy, describe the imperfection. Items will be removed if they are dirty or in poor shape. Please go through your items carefully – would you buy the item you’re trying to sell? If not, please don’t try to sell it at the sale. Items found to be unacceptable are removed from the sale.

Set up

Set-up starts at 7:00 am and continues until 8:45 a.m, if you are selling or volunteering please come between those times to help with setup. Please make sure you sign in and sign out on the sign up sheet. Make sure to bring a container or box with your seller number on it to help with sorting after the sale is complete.

Clean up
Clean up starts at 12:30 p.m. — take down and store signs, racks and shelves. Gather up all remaining items and put them in the numbered boxes around the room. We ask that all volunteers help sort all items at the end of the sale. Items must be picked up by 1:00 p.m. ALL unclaimed items will be donated – yes, this means you!!

Sellers — non-members

As a non-member selling, if you can stay and help us out during the sale, 20% of your sales total goes to the club, if you are unable to volunteer, then 30% of your sales total goes to the club. There is also a small postage charge for your cheque. If you wish to have your tags returned the cost will be higher.

Sellers — members

All members selling will be expected to help out during the course of the sale. This means set-up, sale and teardown. If a member does not contribute, VIMBA will take 25% off their profits rather than the current 15%. There is also a small postage charge for your cheque. If you wish to have your tags returned the cost will be higher.