Healthier sloppy joes

Note: found this BBQ sauce at whole foods and am in love with it.
It’s very tangy, sweet and not too salty. Has a list of ingredients that you can understand; very versatile with almost any dish.
You can use chicken or even grilled tofu works really well in this dish. And feel free to use whatever veggies you want. 

1 lb of meat (hamburg, chicken or tofu chunks), cooked/fried/baked/etc.
3 or more bell peppers, sautéed
1 large onion, sautéed
½ bottle (or more) of the Butternut mountain BBQ sauce
Toasted onion buns

Fry up or grill up the meat of your choice; sauté the veggies. Then mix all together in a pot with the sauce; heat up and serve over toasted buns.
Leftovers are amazing on salads!