pumpkin cookie bark
from vanillasugarblog.com

All you need to do is take your favorite pumpkin-spice cookie mix, instead of making them into cookies, flatten the dough out (half inch thick is good) as a thin brownie in a jelly roll pan. 
You might have to reduce the cooking time too as they are thinner and might not need as much time to bake. 
Then as soon as they come out of the oven, top with chopped good quality dark chocolate (or milk if you prefer), let it melt, then spread it around evenly with a rubber spatula (I used about 2 cups of chocolate--use as much or as little as you like). 
If you want to add toasted pecans like I did, this is the time to sprinkle them on before the chocolate hardens. Let it cool and harden. 
Then you can drizzle with a little melted white chocolate. 
And you're done! Easy right? 
Note: I did add a bit "extra" of sea salt to the cookie batter. You know me and my sweet & salty fix. 
It makes all the difference. All I did was sprinkle some sea salt (fine, not course) over the cookie sheet BEFORE I put the pumpkin cookie batter on--just a light, light dusting of sea salt.).
Please use high quality chocolate when making these, it really make all the difference in taste and texture; the higher the cacao the better.