mocha-cardamom milkshake
from Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes

1/2 cup cold whole (or lowfat) milk
2 ts instant espresso powder
1/4 ts ground cardamom
4 medium scoops coffee ice cream (about 1 pint), softened
4 medium scoops chocolate sorbet (about 1 pint), softened

Place the milk, espresso powder, and cardamom in a blender and blend to mix thoroughly, about 15 seconds.  
Add in the ice cream and sorbet and pulse several times to begin breaking them up. 
With the blender motor off, use a flexible spatula to mash the mixture down onto blender blades.  
Remove hand and spatula, place cover back on blender and continue to pulse, stopping and mashing again (if needed) until mixture is well blended, thick, and moves easily in the blender.  
Pour into chilled glasses, and serve at once.
Does not re-freeze well at all.  Should make about 3 1/2 cups or 28 ounces.