homemade payday bars
from vanillasugarblog.com

candy corn (I used the candy corn from Whole Foods, don't know if other brands will work)
spanish peanuts (I found these have the best peanut flavor, and the skins add a nice color.texture too. But use whatever kind you want.)

On a parchment lined baking sheet, lay down a couple lines of peanuts (as seen in photo above).
In a small ceramic bowl, melt a large handful of candy corn at a time in the microwave. 
20 second burst, stir/rotate dish, then 10+ more seconds, stir again.  
Look for visible chunks left which will melt as you keep stirring.  
Dish might be hot, so use caution.  
When in doubt always under microwave to avoid burning. 
When the candy corn is melted, working quickly, place a line of the nougat on top of the peanuts.  
I used a knife to guide it along.  
Place more peanuts on top and mold/roll into a log.
This hardens up in about 7-10 minutes.  
You can start out making short bars until you're comfortable with how the process works, and move up to longer bars.
Repeat above instructions for more bars.