gluten free double chocolate brownies with gluten free oreo's

3 cups almond meal
6 oversized TB unsweetened good quality cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
2 ts gluten free baking powder
4 TB white rice flour
1 ts of espresso powder (I used a Starbucks Via)
¾ ts sea salt
16 TB unsalted butter, room temp
4 large eggs + 2 egg yolks, room temp
1 and ½ ts pure vanilla extract
¾ cup heavy cream, not too cold
½ - ¾ cup high quality semisweet chocolate chips
a couple handfuls of high quality milk chocolate chips
1 box of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free JoJo’s (vanilla or chocolate)

cook notes:

make sure to use parchment paper as almond meal sticks to everything and is not forgiving. 
 I used gluten free oreo’s in this and they were great; held up great to baking. 
You can use either the vanilla GF JoJo’s or the chocolate ones.
I used one sleeve of cookies for the middle and the other sleeve I crushed to sprinkle on the top of brownies.
With gluten free baking, for me, it’s hard to tell when they are done baking as the “clean toothpick” test does leave some wet crumbs on the stick, but this means they are done. 
So your best bet is to look for non-jiggly middle. 
I left the amount of chocolate chips iffy. Up to you how much you want to use.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Grease and line a 9x13 baking pan with parchment paper (I took two sheets, cut in half and lined up pan).
In a large bowl, combine almond meal, cocoa powder, sugar, salt, espresso powder, white rice flour, and baking powder. 
Stir and then add in the softened butter, and mix to well combined; lumps ok as long as they are small.
In a small bowl or large measuring cup, mix the eggs, vanilla extract, and heavy cream until well mixed. 
Add this to the dry mixture and mix well; lumps ok. Then add in the chocolate chips and mix. 

Pour little more than half the batter into prepared baking pan, smooth out batter making sure to get all the corners filled. 
Then add in a layer of cookies, then pour on the remaining brownie batter over top. Use a spatula to get it evenly coated. 
Then sprinkle on the crushed JoJo’s all over the top. 

These bake up fast!
Mine were done at the 25-minute mark.
You’ll know they are done by a non-jiggly middle. A cake tester in the middle will leave some crumbs.
Please let these cool at least an hour before slicing; they really do need to set up/firm up.