cookie butter french toast 
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6-8 Slices of white or whole wheat bread, kept frozen
3 eggs
½ cup or so of milk
½ - ¾ cup of cookie butter
butter for frying French toast

maple syrup or whipped cream for garnish
chopped walnuts or pecans for garnish, optional

Get frying pan ready, you want it nice and hot. 
Cast iron (flat no raised lines) works best to give the cookie butter a nice sear and will help keep it adhere to the bread.
Make the egg wash by mixing the eggs with the milk; stir well.
Take your frozen bread and spread a nice thin layer of cookie butter on both sides.
Place the prepared bread on a plate, by the stove, next to your egg wash pan.
Place butter in heated frying pan, dip prepared bread in egg wash and place in heated frying pan. 
Do not crowd the pan as we want to keep the pan nice and hot so it gets a nice sear and not that much cookie butter sticks to the pan.
Fry in batches and keep done French toast in a warm 200 degree oven.
Make sure to place more butter in pan as you fry each new batch of French toast.

Serve with chopped nuts and maple syrup.